Remember teeny little Zora indigenous Disney Channel"s Sonny through a Chance? She to be the clever, yet super monster So Random! cast member who constantly eavesdropped on her castmates and also popped out and also scared lock on the regs. She was pretty hilarious.

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Zora was played through Allisyn Ashley Arm. She was just 13 as soon as the display started ago in 2009. A lot of has readjusted since So Random! (which be crazy off the SWaC) ended in 2012 and also you have to check out what she watch like now that she"s 19!

First the all, Allisyn is rocking a brand new pixie cut and also it looks amazing.

And she"s maintaining herself liven these days. She"s the star of her own web collection about an secret news reporter dubbed Astrid Clover, and also it"s at sight funny! examine out this hilarious music video clip where she sings around it being too warm this summer for a totally hipster secret reporter.

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And once she"s not filming her internet series, she loves hanging out with zoo animals:

And having actually mad respect for cuckoo clocks.

Allisyn"s maintaining her love because that comedy alive and also well v her web collection — can"t wait to see what"s next for her!

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