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I"m composing something in a tone that is simply a tiny too formal for "he doesn"t understand the difference between his ass and a feet in the ground" or "he doesn"t recognize dipshit." I need something the doesn"t incorporate words choose ass or shit, but that still gets the idea throughout and packs some punch. Because that example, "doesn"t understand his eye indigenous his elbow" doesn"t execute it for me.

(This question was already asked within a different question, yet didn"t gain any an excellent answers. I can"t ar a bounty due to the fact that the main question was closed.)


As stated in a comment, ns typed "doesn"t recognize his" right into Google to check out what it came up with. It chosen "head native a hole in the ground".

From Wiktionary

know one"s head indigenous a hole in the ground

Synonym of understand one"s ass from a hole in the ground



What that doesn"t know could fill a book.

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This is one idiomatic way of express the breadth and depth that one"s ignorance. It should be offered to refer someone"s absence of expertise in one area that they candlestick to know something about. If you desire to be hyperbolic, replace book through library for better effect.



He"s top top a various planet

He"s a sixpence brief of a shilling

He"s together daft together a brush

He"s not playing v a full deck (of cards)

He"s as thick as a plank (of wood)

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