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Sending a sympathy card to family members members or friends when someone dies or when they space ill is a good way to show love and affection. Sympathy cards are additionally appropriate once you want to console a person throughout their time of sorrow. Sympathy and condolence cards do have their place yet what is written inside of lock is what matters most.

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Here’s a list of 21 means to market your sympathies and also show her affection past “my thoughts room with you.” Each post is personal and conveys exactly how much girlfriend understand.

How come Say ‘My Thoughts are With You’ after ~ a Death


When who dies, the first question that comes to the minds of friends and family is exactly how to interact sorrow and also loss. It’s challenging to interact these thoughts in person, yet can be also harder as soon as sending a card or flowers.

The most essential thing you deserve to do is interact your love and also support. Sending also a an easy message is just one method to be there for someone.

1. My thoughts and prayers space with you throughout these an overwhelming times.

As much as you may want to help those who are experiencing the pain of loss, regularly the just thing that you can do is to sell thoughts and also prayers because that the family. Send this post to allow the family members of the deceased recognize that her prayers are with them throughout this difficult and sorrowful time.

2. My deepest sympathies. Might rest in peace.

When a household member or friend dies, it can be a very difficult time because that relatives and also loved ones. The ideal thing you have the right to do is come sympathize through those who are grieving and also offer lock condolences. That is your capacity to sympathize that permits us come share grief.

3. I"m so sorry to hear about (the deceased person’s) death. If there"s something I deserve to do, please don"t hesitate to let me know.

Words alone might not feel prefer they can help grieving love ones, but sentiments that condolence space often powerful and encouraging. Sympathy add to an market of aid not just conveys the you feel someone’s pain and also grief, but that you’re prepared to aid in any method you can.

This message uses support together you experience through the death of a loved one. Send this message and let your friend or loved one recognize that you are there to offer any aid that girlfriend can.

4. Ns was heartbroken when I found about the death of . Might you it is in comforted and also encouraged by the love roughly you.

The fatality of a love one deserve to be a really sorrowful event. As soon as you hear the someone close to you has died, you might be filled through shock and grief.

The real function of life is to love those approximately you. The is the love of others that gets civilization through challenging times. Send this card to a grieving household so they recognize they’re no alone in this struggle.

5. Always know the you are not alone, and also I am right here with you in her sorrows.

When your friend or loved one is grieving, that human may feel fully alone in the world. Send this message to permit a grieving human being know the you’re over there in support every step of the way.

Post-loss tip: If you space the executor for a deceased loved one, taking care of their unfinished service like donating their clothing can it is in overwhelming without a way to organize her process. We have actually a post-loss checklistthat will aid you ensure that your loved one"s family, estate, and other affairs space taken treatment of.

How to Say ‘My Thoughts room With You’ when Someone’s Sick


Illness is something everyone experiences. When sickness drags on and also becomes something that doesn’t appear to have actually an finish date, it have the right to become an extremely discouraging. Send who you know a article of encouragement — it might be just the rise a girlfriend or loved one demands to make it through an additional day.

6. I’m praying for you to acquire well soon. Permit me recognize if you require anything.

Prayers can play their part in heal the body and also mind. Present a little of love and also let your friend understand that you’re praying, encouraging, cheering, and even help him recover faster. This blog post is perfect for the purpose.

7. I’m sorry this sickness is component of her life. Ns am below with you every action of the way.

You’ll likely be able to sympathize with a person in the midst of one illness. That’s why it’s essential to display loved ones the you’re there for them and will assistance them no matter just how sick lock are.

How to Say ‘My Thoughts are With You and also Your Family’


When whole families suffer through the loss of a love one or another an overwhelming circumstance, you’ll desire to include the whole family in her message. Usage these messages when the totality family demands encouragement.

8. Though this might be a complicated time because that you, ns will always be here to assistance you and do something I can to assist you and also your family.

The one point a human needs the many is the support of friends and family. Sell whatever assist and support you need to when your loved one goes through hard times. This message conveys the feeling.

9. Every one of my sympathies room with you and also your family throughout this time. Might you find peace and comfort.

You may want come sympathize with household members come share in their pain. It may not feel choose you’re speak much, but it makes a world of distinction for the human being who is suffering. This post will allow someone know that you feeling the pain that or she is experiencing.

10. Your family is my family, and also I will perform all the I deserve to to assist you throughout these do the efforts times.

If you’re near to her friend’s family, this blog post is perfect. You know you’d do anything to treatment for your family members together if they’re blood relatives. That means offering whatever you deserve to to help. This post conveys the thought and lets the other human being know that they are household to you.

11. Love and also friendship room what gets united state through difficult times. I give them both to you and your family.

Love and also friendship are the two things that can help you acquire through nearly anything. Reminding your friend of the love and also support friend offer can let your friend recognize that you room there to help.

12. I’m praying because that you and also your family. May you all get well soon.

This is a an easy message because that a entirety family that’s struggling through illness. This is especially beneficial for religious families who are urged by her prayers on your behalf.

How to Say ‘My Thoughts room With You’ after ~ Someone’s Going with a Different challenging Time


There are countless other scenarios where you might need native of sympathy as well as death and also illness. This can encompass the condition or loss of a pet, a job, house, and financial difficulties, to name a few. Use these message to carry out a ray of hope for a human who is overwhelmed and also struggling.

13. If you should talk, a shoulder to cry on, or want to take a coffee, I"m around. I"ll be reasoning of you.

Send this blog post to someone who is going with a hard time. You might be close enough that he may want come talk v you around what he’s experiencing. This is best for a close girlfriend or colleague.

14. I simply want come let you know my family and I room praying for you. Might these difficult times happen soon.

Praying is just one of the greatest presents you can provide to a religious person. This blog post conveys simply that.

15. I recognize this is a very an overwhelming time for you, however I additionally know girlfriend will gain through it. Ns am right here for friend every step of the way.

Offering your assistance is very important once someone is walk through daunting times. Send this message and also let your friend recognize that you are there no matter what.

16. Words room not sufficient to convey the sympathy i feel because that you. If you require anything, give me a call and also let me know.

Letting someone know you’re accessible to help is necessary when someone is going through a hard time.

17. I recognize you will certainly come v this stronger on the other end. You space a solid man/woman and also I couldn’t be much more proud that you.

This article helps your loved one obtain through hard times and tells him or her the you’re supportive.

18. I pray that you uncover comfort, hope, and peace during these trying times. My think are always with you.

Peace can be difficult to discover in difficult times. In general, telling world you want them to find comfort and peace help them understand that someone is pulling because that them.

19. You have actually all mine love and also friendship and anything rather you need during this an overwhelming time.

Send this blog post to a friend so the or she knows you’re there, no issue what.

20. I understand how challenging these times room for you and also I offer you mine deepest sympathies. Might these dark times pass quickly.

No matter what who is facing, this article signifies the you have the right to sympathize and offer help.

21. It damaged my heart when I heard around the daunting time that you are going through. I just want come let you recognize that friend can constantly count ~ above me.

Good friend are hard to come by. Send this message and let your loved one know how sad girlfriend are and that you room there for any kind of needs.

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Send a blog post with Love

Sympathy messages room a great way come let human being know that you aresorry for their loss. No issue whether lock are encountering an illness, lose of a loved one, or death of a pet, these messages convey the yourthoughts and also prayers are with castle always.