Take a look at the picture below. Each of those colored balls is an electron. In one atom, the electrons spin around the center, also called the nucleus. The electrons prefer to it is in in separate shells/orbitals. Together you learn more about atom structure, girlfriend will learn that the electrons don"t remain in defined areas about the nucleus. They are found in clouds that have the right to have different shapes that incorporate spheres and also dumbbell-like shapes. So remember as soon as you look in ~ our breakdown that the electron aren"t always in a nice neat bespeak as shown here.This aspect is one of the transition facets that doesn"t ar the additional electrons in the external shell, however in the one underneath. Because that the fourth period/row, every one of these electrons develop the third shell come a preferably of 18 electrons. Remember that the very first eight were placed throughout our pilgrimage through the third period/row. The fourth row of the routine table has shift metals varying from scandium (21) come zinc (30).Ahh, the transition metals. Scandium is the an initial element that the duration table where electron configurations start getting a little wild. As much as this point, you have been making use of a system of 2-8-8 to define electron shells. Every element adds one much more electron to the outermost shell. Instead of having actually three electrons in the outer shell, scandium to add its electron to the second to critical shell. The electron construction is 2-8-9-2.You will discover scandium come the ideal of calcium in the fourth period of the table. Even though the electron construction is a little different, scandium still wants to bond v those three extra electrons, no matter what shell they room in.

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