No, but silver reacts v hot focused sulfuric acid aacording to equation2Ag + 2H2SO4 = Ag2SO4 + 2H2O

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That is interesting due to the fact that Hydrochloric Acid and Zinc offer off hydrogen and also Zinc Chloride.Thus I have actually assumed Sulfuric Acid and also Zinc gave off hydrogen and Zinc Sulfate. However you space saying no Hydrogen is developed when making use of Silver and also Sulfuric mountain at a high temp.Interesting
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If you look at the activity collection of metals, you'll watch that silver- is towards the bottom of that list. The is not able to reduce the hydrogen ions in a sulfuric acid systems to hydrogen gas, and thus end up being oxidized come the Ag+ ion. It's just at a high temperature the the solid oxidation strength of focused sulfuric mountain is able to oxidize the silver metal. If you take concentrated hydrochloric acid and heat the up and throw some silver in there, naught will happen as hydrochloric mountain is not practically as strong an oxidizer together sulfuric acid is. V nitric acid, it's such a solid oxidizer that you don't even need to be in ~ elevated temperature to dissolve silver.
But you are saying no Hydrogen is produced when using Silver and Sulfuric acid at a high temp.InterestingI did no say this. I just said the silver and also sulfuric acid can react.From reaction you can see above, this is because of a reduction of sulfuric acid perform SO2.Other steels can additionally react in this method eg copper.In some cases oxidiser can be exterior - zb O2 native air. In these situations Pb or Pd have the right to be dissolved in water solution of acetic acid and Au or Ag in diluted KCN
AWK--the reaction you posted is no balanced. Hmx9123, you are rather right, sulfur dioxide is missing. I wrote it (in words) in my second posting.
in this reaction , H2SO4 acts as an oxidizing certified dealer , not an acid . Acid and also metal will type H2 but redox reaction wont form H2
I understand that dipping silver right into HCl will revolve blackeshI was wondering if the very same happens with H2SO4What would occur with acetic acid?Could you gain a an excellent production the H2 and O2 making use of silver as an electrode in electrolysis that H2O v a couple of drops that vinegar?Regards,Bill

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