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The ROOT-WORD is MONI which originates from the Latin omnis definition ALL. It is yes, really an OMNIbus the a word, for every little thing can it is in tacked on to it. The humor of saying English words v a Latin ending, favor No.9, is dubbed MACARONIC & BURLESQUE as it were. But it is no humor come the medical professionals who use that sort of Latin in your prescriptions. It renders the sick Latin professors laugh and that does castle more good than the prescriptions. The joke is top top the doctor, yet he doesn’t know it.1. Omniana : OMNI ana (om ni ay’ na) n.Bits of details from everywhere2. Omnibus : OMNI bus (om’ ni bus) n.A conveyance for all; offering transportation because that many3. Omnicompetent : OMNI skilled (om ni kom’ pe tent) adj.Legally proficient in every matters4. Omnicorporeal : OMNI corporeal (om ni kor poe’ ree al) adj.Including all bodies5. Omnifarious : OMNi farious (om ni far’ ee us) adj.Of every sorts; of countless varieties6. Omnify : OMNI fy (om’ ne fie) v.Enlarge; do universal7. Omnigenous : OMNI graph (om nij’ e nus) adj.Of all varieties of kinds8. Omnigraph : OMNI graph (om’ ni graf) n.A maker for to teach radio telegraphs operators9. Omniumgatherum : OMNI un-gatherum (om’ ni um gath’ er um) n.A repertoire of all things, people10. Omnimeter : OMNU meter (om nim’ e ter) n.Instrument for measuring all angles
11. Omnimodous : OMNI modous (om nim’ o dus) adj.Of every kind12. Omniparent : OMNI parental (om nip’ a rent) adj.Being the origin of all13. Omnipotent : OMNI potent (om nip’ that ent)All powerful; having14. Omniscient : OMNI scient (om nish’ ent) adj.All knowing; having complete understanding15. Omnist : OMNI st (om’ nist) n.A believer in all religious16. Omnipresent : OMNI present (om ni prez’ ent) adj.Present everywhere; ubiquitous17. Omnivorous : OMNI vorous (om niv’ or us) adj.Eating everything; soaking up everything18. Omnium : OMNI um (om’ ni um) n.Total; as, my omnium

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Pater & patr are the root-words for many other words.Phobia method irrational fear.Roga & rog room the root-words for countless other words.Sangui is the root-word for countless other words.Pop is the root-word for many other words.