We obtain this question a lot. Numerous women desire to know if it"s on-trend to wear pantyhose. Perhaps they experienced a celebrity wear them or probably they space going come a special event and also want to do sure civilization won"t think they"re old-fashioned. Every little thing the reason, we covering the answer come "Do females Still wear Pantyhose?" in this article.

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We’ll get right to the answer: correct!

Right currently we live in a good time because that clothing. That an era when being you is unique and also celebrated. Love all at once shorts but left your teens behind years ago? wear them! (P.S. They’re ago in format for all ages and also a pair the Hipstik’s new line that Footless Tights really provides them a now-vibe!) Love sandals v sheer hosiery? No problem! Mix patterns? walk for it! that knew the day would come the white before Easter and after labor Day is for this reason chic? remember the opinionated Stacy London and also Clinton Kelly from What no To wear in the early 2000s? Clinton newly told Women’s Day readers (he’s a contributor there now) the rules need to be broken.


WOW! Sheer foot In Hipstik Sheers vs. Ceiling legged.

The many important allude to any kind of stitch of apparel or accessory is: does it do you, together a wonderful woman in this world, feel good? good means being comfortable and also confident. Are you cozy to her core? walk it connect your own personal style without saying any kind of words? does it bring joy?

So when it concerns pantyhose, it’s your selection to undertake or not to wear. No rules. Women tell me they love the lull of Hipstik sheer Pantyhose due to the fact that finally castle actually want to wear pantyhose again - you will do it shunned them in the past, not since of a issue for format rules, or even the hot-for-a-second idea of walk bare-legged, yet because hosiery that the previous would squeeze, dig, itch, roll, sag, and also make them suffer. Nobody wants to wear something that makes them desire to scream to acquire out of it. That’s no fun, or fair.


They"re choose Concealer For her Legs

A pair the pantyhose offer multiple purposes and women who wear them love this attributes. They’re prefer concealer for your legs; no that you need to hide anything, but a slim “coat” could be the ticket to an increasing your confidence at her niece"s wedding or a fancy, much-needed dinner date with your far-ranging other. Require a bit of warmth when the sunlight goes down? lock also carry out a protective obstacle so the dresses and also skirts swing freely and don"t stick. Let’s no forget, pantyhose help eliminate chafing thighs – particularly in the summertime and Hipstik provides you that advantage without the shapewear suck and also sweat! few of our customers say pantyhose do shoes feel and fit better.


More than just a layout Statement

Some jobs, like trip attendants or legitimate careers, tho love their “uniform” which includes a pair the sleek pantyhose flaunting professionalism and fempower. Celebrities love nude and also black pantyhose appropriate now. Thanks, Princess Kate! Think your friends might call you old fashioned? They’re likely not to say anything at all except in your heads think “WOW!” because sheers space meant to it is in an outfit magic trick! girlfriend wonder why celebrities and also their stylists and costumers love pantyhose? It’s more than just a style statement - the Hollywood magic they’ve been approximately for years! we love comfortable however stylish and totally helpful pantyhose for every these reasons.

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Don"t settle for much less Than absolute Comfort

Pantyhose weren"t left-back in yesteryear. Numerous women enjoy them today, and also you don"t have need to settle because that the squeezed-in corseted feeling of the past. Hipstik provides comfortable low-rise pantyhose v a non-squeeze waistband for women the today. Browse comfortable nude pantyhose.