The design 70 hunting stock duplicates the manufacturing facility standard model 70 stock with a Monte Carlo cheekpiece. It deserve to be supplied for any kind of late design 70 as well as any Pre-64 version 70. It will certainly accept up to a #5 barrel contour and may come as a blind magazine for the Ranger series Model 70’s, as well as with a conventional hinged floorplate. Obtainable in ideal hand only.

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FLAT optimal (No Inlet)$306
BASIC INLET (INCLUDES: action Outline & Barrel Channel)$354
FULL INLET (INCLUDES: Inlet because that Action, Floorplate & Barrel Channel$448

Identifying her Winchester Rifle

Pre-War:This version differs native the newer models in the the very rear that the recipient is shaped like a clover-leaf and also is regularly referred to together a design 70 with a clover-leaf tang. As the surname indicates, it was produced prior to world War II.

Pre-64:This design 70 was produced prior come 1964 and also is figured out by the circular device marks on the front leg (where limit mounts attach). Although this rifles look an extremely much prefer the modern Model 70, the stocks and the inletting room not interchangeable. Placing a Pre-64 rifle into a late design stock will need a bit of minor alteration of the cause bow.

Late model 70:Whether or not Winchester called them “the new Pre-64,” all version 70’s developed after 1964 are late version 70’s.

The “New Pre-64”:This name describes the fact that the receiver is a “controlled round feed” yet everything else about the rifle renders it a “Late Model.” before the mid-eighties all design 70’s to be “long actions.” due to the fact that then there are “short” for calibers approximately .308 and “long” because that the larger calibers. It is crucial that you show which length activity you have.

McMillan Stocks because that Montana Rifleman:Most Winchester share designs can likewise be inletted because that the Montana Rifleman collection of actions.



Painted Finishes

For the ideal presentation-grade surface, we suggest a painted finish. Six solid paint colors space available.

A brand-new speckletone granite end up is also available. Choose any type of solid basic coat color and also specify one of two people one or 2 speckletone paint highlights to produce an attractive tradition finish.

When you order any type of paint finish, the underlying stock is hand-sanded, primed, and painted to eliminate all surface ar imperfections. This is the end up most manufacturers specify for the McMillan stocks that are sold with their tradition shop rifles.

The paint we usage is an commercial grade, non-slip pebble finish similar to that discovered on power tools, office machines and also industrial equipment. This polyurethane paint is the most long lasting we have the right to find and is perfect for problems found from the Arctic come the tropics. However, any type of painted finish will scratch when dragged over rocks, limbs and other tough surfaces. That is impervious to many gun clean solvents, yet harsh solvents should be wiped turn off immediately.

Repainting an existing McMillan Stock

We can repaint any McMillan stock because that our client at a in the name of charge.

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Spectre Patterns

The Spectre collection is McMillan’s new molded-in finish that mimics elements of digital camouflage. It is currently easily accessible in four different color schemes.

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Ambush Patterns

Desert Ambush is the very first offering that the Ambush series. The color pattern was developed for the desert terrain and foliage the the Southwestern joined States.

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Marble Patterns

Molded-In color to produce a distinctive Marble Pattern.

Molded in colors room the most sturdy finish us offer. With a molded finish, the shade is impregnated into the gelcoat, or exterior surface layer the the stock. All of the molded-in finishes listed below should be taken into consideration utility-grade. Mold lines, sanding marks, fiberglass fabric and little imperfections may be visible.

Molded-in share are listed with a matte complete to minimization light reflection. ~ receiving her stock, part customers take it upon us to more wetblock sand and buff the surface to attain a polished, heat luster finish. This is an especially attractive with marble patterns.

A molded-in stock will certainly weigh numerous ounces more than a painted stock as result of the additional resin product that is used.

We perform our finest to make your certain finish together attractive together possible. However, us are limited in what deserve to be accomplished with molded-in colors. Solid colors, specifically darker ones, produce the best challenge, vice versa, the camouflage patterns tend to look far better because the various colors and also shapes hide imperfections. Marbled colors market the best an option for producing a finished look v a molded-in color.

Marble Finishes

A marble finish is developed by swirling two or three various colors right into the surface of the stock. The result is a beautiful effect that is unique to her stock. McMillan pioneered this finish, i beg your pardon has come to be a familiar hallmark of our brand.

Choose any kind of 2 or 3 of the molded in colors to produce a distinct swirled marble pattern end up for your tradition stock. Precise thousands of various patterns deserve to be created, including any type of you check out on our website.

No 2 stocks are ever before made alike together the marbling activity is totally random in occurence.

Click ~ above a stock to enlarge the photo.

The most famous marble finishes are presented here. Virtually any kind of color mix is possible and some color combinations space inherently an ext pleasing than others.

Note the a marble complete can be provided as an reliable camouflage pattern when using olive green, black, gray and other typical camo colors.

Each end up is excellent by hand and it is difficult to duplicate any certain marble pattern. Since marbling is created in the mold under pressure, patterns space random and also not controllable. Specific vertical or horizontal patterns room not possible. Also, colour will adjust shades somewhat as result of the mix of colors while the swirling is done. Marble stocks might not it is in returned because of dissatisfaction through the color. However, you might opt to have us paint the stock at our consistent price.

The colors on the best are used to produce molded-in swirled marble and also camo finishes. Hard molded in colored stocks space not obtainable from McMillan.


Camouflage Finishes

McMillan supplies Molded-In colour to create a distinct Camouflage Finish

Standard Camouflage Patterns

Eleven simple camouflage patterns room standard order items. The colors are not painted on the surface, however are molded right into the stock because that durability when used in extreme environments. Plenty of military devices specify this complete for their tactical stocks, through the selection of color dependent on the part of the civilization where the rifle will be deployed. Custom camo trends of any kind of three or 4 colors space optional in ~ no extra charge.













Each fiberglass stock is made of multi-layers of eight-ounce woven fiberglass cloth, laminated under push with epoxy resin. The share is filled v solid fiberglass in the receiver area and epoxy and also glass beads in the forend. Our EDGE ultralight stocks space made through 100% graphite towel in the shell rather of fiberglass, for much less weight and greater strength. Edge Tech – is our ultra light stock. The is made out of graphite cloth, no fiberglass. Edge tech is the lightest we have the right to make a share pattern. The hunters edge stock pattern can gain down to as little as 23 ounces. Due to the fact that of that lightweight, it cannot have any flexible hardware installed and must it is in painted. It is no recommended because that magnum calibers and also this to fill cannot be offered for any kind of caliber over a .300 win mag.

Standard – The majority of ours stocks are filled through standard fill, also called sporter fill. It is created of fiberglass cloth and also solid fiberglass transparent the forearm and action area. A dense 2 item foam is supplied in the butt stock. This fill is provided for all calibers increase to and also including .300 victory mag.

Magnum – This to fill is provided for heaving recoiling and magnum caliber rifles, greatly on hunting stocks. It built the very same as a typical fill except heavier, more thickness and more dense fiberglass is used in the recoil lug and activity area to withstand heavy recoil and also be less complicated on the shooter. It will add around 6 ounces of load to the stock. It will certainly be supplied for anything above a .300 win mag caliber.

Sniper – This to fill is greatly used ~ above magnum calibers on ours tactical stocks. It is the exact same as magnum fill except there is lightweight fiberglass in the butt stock, no foam. This is so hardware for adjustability have the right to be mounted onto the target stock if therefore desired. Through the fiberglass being in the butt, it also helps to offset rifles with big barrel contours. It will add about 8-10 ounces come the stock. The only hollow part of the share is the buttstock from the rear of the pistol grip to 2 inches from the end. This area is filled v urethane foam come deaden the sound and also absorb vibration.No, ours are totally solid and then machine inletted fairly than having the recipient area molded.We market 6 painted hard colors, 11 molded-in camo finishes and also a wide variety of marble finishes. Though we usage the most durable, catalyzed urethane enamel paint on the market, the is quiet a paint. Together such, the is topic to dings and scratches as result of rough conditions and also handling. We execute guarantee ours finishes against adhesion problems but not against normal wear and tear. We will, however, repaint stocks at a lessened price for our customers. From the testing we have actually done and also the outcomes of part independent testing, we have established that Kevlar does not enhance the high quality or toughness of ours stocks. Yes, where added stiffness is wanted we execute use graphite upon inquiry at an added expense. Our EDGE ultralight stocks space made v 100% graphite towel in the external shell as standard.We are devoted to make the finest stocks money have the right to buy. The material, time, labor, and also quality manage required to perform so is reflect in the price of the stock.Yes, from begin to finish our stocks are made here completely in Phoenix, Arizona. We use the method commonly described as hand-laminating. Great of glass fabric are laid in a mold through hand, climate cured under heat and also pressure. This adds strength, reduce weight, and eliminates voids compared to other methods of injected or molding methods. A marble complete is a combination of two or three colors swirled together to kind a marble form pattern in the surface of the stock. The is possible to usage any mix of color that us stock. Us do suggest you look with the brochure or web site to select a mix that appeals come you.

You can also check out this blog that reflects hundreds of different marble configurations: McMillan marble pictures.McMillan produces some stock finishes such together our camouflages and marbles that room actually molded right right into the exterior of the stock. These finishes tend to be more durable and wear resistant however are no as high top quality as our painted finishes. We speak to them “utility grade” finishes because the mold lines, tiny imperfections, towel especially on light colors and some sanding marks might be visible. We will certainly NOT sell solid molded colors since it is so difficult to do them look at acceptable. No. Because of the process used to paint the stock and the nature the the materials used in do them, molding the stock in the color you wanted it painted in provides no advantage, costs much more to manufacture, and adds weight to the stock. If girlfriend ding or scrape the surface ar deep sufficient to pass through the gelcoat surface, the will show up as a light gray scratch regardless the the shade of the stock. No, after installing thousands of stocks we have observed that 98% that the rifles are many accurate when cost-free floated. We introduce 40-45 customs lbs. We have uncovered that in most instances our drop-in and also custom fitted share provide much better than enough accuracy unbedded. However, the last determination is left approximately the individual shooter. Bedding services are accessible from your local gunsmith. Us no much longer offer bedding services. We encourage friend to use your neighborhood dealer but you have the right to order direct. Because us fill every stock solid and also then inlet them with CNC milling machine, we have some flexibility. If 2 actions are comparable dimensionally (i.e. Remington and also Savage) the very same stock deserve to be provided for either make. Usually, though, each of our share is designed and made for certain actions and is easily accessible for those plot only. The only way to know for sure is to ask among our customer company reps or review the specifications list below each stock. Our price list sometimes gets complex because we market so many alternatives with every individual stock, there is nobody price. For hunting and also sporting stocks over there is a traditional price for a totally finished “Drop-in Stock” which has a Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil pad, Uncle Mikes sling swivel studs, and also the end up of your choice. Because that competition and tactical stocks we begin with a base price i m sorry is a simple stock inletted for your barreled activity including the complete of your choice. To that you add all the the various accessories girlfriend would favor to finish your stock. Every accessory is priced separately. Add all the prices together to obtain your total price. There is no collection “fixed” price on any type of of ours stocks. Our pricing is designed come let every one of our customers get just what they desire (within limits) and not have to pay because that anything they perform not want or need. Therefore you have the right to be a gunsmith or rifle builder who just wants a simple inlet or totally inletted stock blank to finish and also accessorize you yourself or you can be a customer who wants a complete finished, totally adjustable competition stock prepared to bolt his rifle into.

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On ours website just click “stock pricing” to view the existing price list. Our price list is broken down right into two simple sections where most stocks in that team are every priced the same. Because that the “Hunting and also Sporting” kind stocks look at in the “hunting” ar for the present price for a totally inletted blank. This price has the color and finish of her choice. Now click or look in the “stock choices or accessories list”. You will certainly see plenty of optional items here and the price each choice will add to the base price. Because that a hunting stock friend can pick from two various recoil pads and specify the length of pull. Just include the price the the pad you choose to the basic price. Currently for sling or bipod attachment points girlfriend can choose standard sling studs or flush cups for flush applications. Just choose what girlfriend want and how numerous and include those price to the base price and pad price to acquire a complete price because that the stock.

For custom made come order stocks, shipment time varies depending on the number of orders we room working on in ~ the time. To examine the status of your current order please email kay . Please allow 5-7 work for united state to get earlier to you v the status of your order as we are very busy and also must locate your stock amongst the thousands on the shop floor. We have stocks all set to ship located on the individual stock pages under the “In Inventory” tab. This stocks space updated weekly and also there are some an excellent deals top top some tradition stocks inlets. We market each client the capacity to practice order her stock, including choice of finishes, recoil pads, flexible cheekpieces, adjustable butt plates, and also custom barrel channels. Every stock is ordered, produced, inletted, finished and delivered follow to a specific order native an individual customer. That takes time to create a practice product to the standards our customers and also we have actually established. As a general dominion we will permit you to readjust your bespeak if the stock has not however passed that component of the manufacturing process. Changing a molded in color is the very first step and your stock will certainly be made within 2 mainly of placing her order. No later on than 4 weeks, her stock will certainly be inlet because that your specific barreled action. If a readjust must absolutely be made, us will begin the production process over indigenous the day the change was made.