just how should the water flow in your condenser? from the flask to the optimal of the condenser, or native the height of the condenser ago to the flask? I can imagine both: flask to top will to fill the whole condenser v water, because of the resistance that gravity, enlarging cooling area, or peak to flask, due to the fact that this will generate respond to current exchange increasing warmth flow, yet then it is virtually impossible to get a decent cooling surface without excessive water pressure.

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This photo suggests the first.




In general the cooling water is attached follow to the countercurrent exchange system to maximize the efficiency. Of course this doesn"t occupational well because that the Liebig condenser girlfriend pictured, but you usually wouldn"t usage this type of condenser for reflux anyway. The most common condenser for reflux is the Dimroth condenser which have the right to be offered for countercurrent exchange without any problems together the entry and exit of the water space both in ~ the height of the condenser.

Here is picture from Arbeitsmethoden in der organischen Chemie (page 43) that reflects where to affix the cooling water for various condenser types.



Water should always enter indigenous the bottom the a condenser (the finish closest come the flask) and also exit indigenous the optimal of the condenser. Doing the this way always ensures the your condenser will be complete of cooling water. If you set it up the opposite way, and if for some reason the price of water circulation into the condenser decreased and became slower 보다 the price of water exiting the condenser, then the condenser would not stay filled v water. If the reaction to be unattended, this could reason problems. BTW, here is a link you could enjoy. It consists of a the majority of lab tips, including "how come hook up the water tubing to a condenser".



Hook indigenous the bottom flowing increase in case the complete cocondensation doesn"t happen before the vapor got to the totally liquid state. It will gain the cooling an initial before the leave giving a optimistic condensation with straightforward cooling water adjustments.

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