just wondered if anybody to know why when human being talk around guitar players, the describe them together axemen. Ns wondered if that relates to any kind of one particular guitar player, or to guitar playing in general. Either way, in our office, we would certainly love to know how this hatchet came about so if anybody knows I"d be grateful

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The guitar gets that nickname, "Axe", indigenous guitarists break thier electrical guitars ~ above stage. This is since the most chathamtownfc.netmmon method to break the guitar would certainly be to swing the etc in one axe-like motion.Pick any variety of old rockers/metal heads, and also they have most most likely done that at some point.
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I think it an ext likely the is just from the shape. If friend look in ~ a Gibson SG or aTelecaster, the shape is uniform, and with the neck, it vaguely each other an axe in shape.Musicians room a chathamtownfc.netmical bunch, in a chathamtownfc.netmparable vein, a fret-board on a guitar is known as a "plank" and playing a solo have the right to be referred to as "spanking your plank" and a guitarist that is fond of long solos is hence a "plank spanker".
Imagine stop the guitar by its head, i.e. The finish of the fretboard. Currently it looks choose an axe, particularly the SG model! :)

I to be a member that a band referred to as the Axemen back in the early on to mid 60"s and also we take it our surname from the timeless jazz / blues referral to the guitar players "axe"....and it had nothing to execute with destroying the instruments due to the fact that this was well before the development of The Who and also besides ...who the heck can afford chathamtownfc.netme destroy an excellent gear ago then.

While every one of these answers have actually merit, they all miss the real origin of the hatchet "axe" as it applie sto the guitar. Yes, that is true the rockers have used their guitars to smash equipment, and it is no accident the many modern guitars resemble axes.This is a tribute chathamtownfc.netme a man known only as Torvill. Torvill to be a freed servant who made his means north ~ the civil war and also made his living together a logger. The was additionally possibly one of the best blues men ever before to play. The story goes that Torvill had taken to play his guitar in the evenings about the campfire. One night once he came earlier to the camp, his guirat had been broken. That salvaged what he chathamtownfc.netuld of the strings and strung them chathamtownfc.netme the just thing he had handy, his two handed, twin bitted axe. The axe obviously detailed no amplification, however anyone sit close enough might hear the haunting and interesting brand-new notes he had the ability to wring native this makeshift instrument.It wasn"t until plenty of years later on that solid body guitars v amplifers might be built.The next time you choose up her axe, remember Torvill, an honest man forgotten by history.

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Solos and riffs are frequently referred to as chops, for this reason it"s not drawing too long a bow (another exciting metaphor) to suggest a guitarist is making use of his axe because that his chops???