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" data-image-caption="Can you uncover the 3 cockle shells in this photo?

I have accumulated some shells and also pieces of shells that are complete of feet or have actually crazy lines etched in the top. Sometime a covering will have actually a perfect hole every the method through it, simply as if that was meant to be held on a wire to do a pretty necklace.

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I never knew what caused these phenomenons till I read about “Shell Wars” in my brand-new reference book, “Florida’s life Beaches, A overview For the Curious Beachcomber” (affiliate attach to Amazon), by Blair and also Don Witherington. In the mollusk section of the publication they describe how part gastropods will certainly bore holes through the shells of others to feeding on them. In doing so, they leaving a hole, or sometimes numerous holes together in the case of boring sponges that usage acid come digest shells and actually leaving them looking choose a sponge – full of holes.

" data-image-caption="Worn Cross-barred venus seashells in center.

How are The Bore feet Made

Meat eating mollusks will certainly eat other mollusks and one method they do that is to boring a hole right into the shell and suck the end the snail inside.

With their tongue, or radula, they create the hole through the aid of enzyme from their own body i m sorry soften the shell. They usage their radula together a drill, and make the hole.

This is why part shells look favor a hole was drilled perfectly into the top. The sea snail was killed by one more snail.

Considering Sea Snails, over there is too many to Learn

When you find a beautiful shell on the beach, execute you ever before think about the creature that offered to live inside? castle are amazing organisms and also the shell residences they create are even an ext so. Every mollusk makes it’s own form of shell, and also within those varieties deserve to be an ext varieties. Every seashell is unique, i m sorry is why we love collecting them for this reason much.

Now that I have a boat, and also can gain out to the islands follow me the Indian river waterway, I’m constantly spring for unique mollusks and also their seashells. Sometimes I even get to uncover a life shell favor this large horse conch and also beautiful fighting conch.

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I view plenty of empty shells with weird markings too, but now I know why they are there.