When you gain a brand new hard journey or you suspect something’s wrong v your present one, girlfriend should examine for errors. The best means of detecting various inner errors is using complimentary hard drive testing software. Don’t worry about paying because that premium diagnostic tools because all difficult drive manufacturers have actually their own.

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In this article, we’re going to examine the best complimentary hard drive experimentation programs. However, before you start using any third-party software, it would certainly be a good idea to usage Microsoft’s chkdsk tool. That reliable enough for most difficult drive problems and also every home windows system has it mounted by default.

Table that Contents

1. West Digital Dashboard 

Western Digital Dashboard replaced the deprecated Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool. It has a much more modern-day look and it’s an extremely user-friendly. Take keep in mind it’s easily accessible for Windows equipment only.

The WD Dashboard will automatically detect your Western Digital drives. If her PC has actually multiple drives, girlfriend can pick each one from a drop-down menu. The program will display screen general information about the drive, like version number, drive health, temperature, capacity, and also remaining lifespan. Girlfriend can also monitor real-time performance. Examine your hard drive’s read and write speeds.


WD’s totally free hard drive trial and error software additionally comes v drive tests, firmware updating capabilities, and an alternative to erase your drive.

2. Seagate SeaTools

Seagate, another popular journey manufacturer, developed SeaTools because that Windows, Linux, and also DOS. The DOS version will run faster and can fix bad sectors, but it’s quite an overwhelming to use. The said, the Windows and also Linux versions market all the attributes you should test your tough drive. SeaTools additionally supports difficult drives from various other manufacturers.


The user interface is somewhat outdated, yet it’s intuitive and you don’t need any kind of tech know-how come test her drives. You can check for driver corruption, system record corruption, and also much more. Just choose your driver and also test it.

3. HDDScan

Despite the name, this free hard drive experimentation software additionally supports SSD drives, flash USB drives, and also RAID arrays servers.


HDDScan deserve to detect bad blocks and bad sectors, it have the right to monitor various drive parameters favor temperature, and it supplies several varieties of tests. Friend can quickly perform share health and read/write tests, and also see even if it is your difficult drive is degrading or malfunctioning. HDDScan also works with virtually all journey models.

4. DiskCheckup

DiskCheckup is a complimentary hard journey diagnostics device that functions with almost any drive. You have the right to monitor smart attributes and predict when a tough drive is around to come to be unreliable. Girlfriend can inspect your hard drive’s spin-up time (if you have actually an HDD), monitor temperatures in real-time, and execute quick or expanded tests.


DiskCheckup can additionally detect the Host defended Area and an equipment Configuration Overlay, which space hidden areas on your difficult drive. You can remove them to view data that is typically inaccessible come users.

Take keep in mind DiskCheckup is totally free only for an individual use. Because that commercial use, you must purchase a license.

5. Samsung Magician

Samsung Magician is a Windows regimen for SSD management. It permits the user to quickly update one SSD’s firmware, monitor journey health and also performance parameters, and also it have the right to run diagnostic scans as well. The downside is, it just supports Samsung SSDs.

The UI is most likely the ideal we’ve watched in any free hard drive diagnostic software, so experimentation your SSD is a user-friendly process that doesn’t call for technical expertise. If you have actually a Samsung SSD, Samsung Magician is just one of the ideal options.

6. GSmartControl

GSmartControl is a free drive inspection device that functions for any brand the HDD or SSD. You have the right to download it for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The user interface is easy to navigate for beginners. You have the right to quickly examine SMART data to obtain an idea around your drive’s health. GSmartControl speak you whatever you need to know about the drive’s identity, hardware specifications, and gives you power statistics as well.

What’s an excellent about GSmartControl is that you can leave it running in the elevator to run a rapid drive evaluation every couple of hours there is no impacting your PC’s performance.

Final Thoughts

These cost-free hard drive testing software tools room the best for running consistent diagnostics and also monitoring her drives in real-time. There room other totally free tools the end there that were when popular, yet we can not recommend them anymore because many of them support just the older home windows versions up to Windows 7. The ones on our perform will job-related with home windows 10 and 11 as well.

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If you found an awesome cost-free hard drive testing program, you re welcome let us understand in the comments!

Nicolae is a Jack of every trades technology writer with a focus on hardware, programming languages, and also AI image-processing software. End the last five years, he has actually ghostwritten countless tech how-to guides and also books top top a selection of topics ranging from Linux come C# programming and also game development. Nicolae loves whatever that has to do with an innovation and his score is to share his knowledge and also experience through others. Check out Nicolae"s complete Bio

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