Todays’ short article tackles one of the least endearing features of our beloved hens – chicken bullying.

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It is much more than creating the ‘pecking order’- it is systematically picking on one or two hens because that no apparent reason.

Bullying deserve to be minimal to feather plucking or escalate into full-blown warfare, through the receiving hen being severely hurt or possibly killed.

In this article, we will certainly cover the usual causes of bullying, just how to avoid them pecking every other, and also finally, what to do once you need to intervene.

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Extra steps to stop Chicken Bullying by her Hens

Bully Hen Diversion Techniques

We have currently mentioned part diversion therapies above, but what happens if you view the bullying continue in prior of you?

I have used a water pistol in the past. A well-aimed squirt come the offender together she pecks at her flock-mate have the right to stop she in she tracks.

This repeated in time will avoid the behavior, yet you will must spend a lot of time observing and dealing through these behaviors.

Another trick that has actually been used properly is the ‘pebble can.’ gain an old believe can, to fill it about 1/3 complete with pebbles, and also tape shut.

Make certain it is fine taped!

When friend witness negative behavior, shiver the deserve to vigorously. The hens will all protect against what they space doing to see what the hideous noise is!

This offers the victim time to move and additionally stops the bully hen by distracting her. Ns haven’t used this one, so i can’t say exactly how successful the is, yet it sounds like a great idea.

Upping your game

So Ms. Bossy has not take away the hints – what now?

There is a product the end there called ‘pinless peepers.’

They are something favor sunshades for chickens… with a subtle difference; they cannot watch what is in front of them!

These ‘glasses’ prevent the chicken from seeing what is straight in front of her.

She have the right to see to the sides, have the right to do the normal things chickens do except pick feathers!

Many folks have used them and also have been delighted at the results. You deserve to buy a pack of 6 for about $15.00.

Some suppliers recommend the you usage a one-of-a-kind pair the pliers to apply them, but others state that soaking castle in heat water or leaving castle in the sunlight for a while makes them malleable sufficient to apply.

The peepers fit into each nare of the beak and also are held in location by the beak.

Last Resort: Jail!

The ultimate punishment – chicken jail! If her aggressive hen will certainly not it is in reformed gently, she needs to do some hard time.

A different cage far from the ladies yet somewhere they deserve to see each various other is perfect.

How much time will depend on the offender the the chicken bullying? part take the hint and can be went back to the flock after a pair of days, yet others may be determined not to be reformed.

This exercise resets the spread order. Life walk on without she in the flock, and everyone adjusts accordingly, so as soon as she is returned to them, she has to start almost everywhere again indigenous the bottom up.

The mean ‘jail sentence’ is 3-7 days, but some will need an ext time in the ‘clink.’Every once in a good while, i hear the a hen that refused to it is in reformed and ended increase being offered away.

This really is the last possibility for her – maybe being in a new flock intimidates them enough to make them behave; ns don’t know, I have actually never had actually to perform this.

What if The Rooster is The Bully?

From time to time, a rooster deserve to be the biggest bully in the coop.

If her hens are acquiring beaten up, it might just be that he is a little too aggressive through his mating processes.

Hens that come to be injured native an overeager roo may lose feathers, contract infections in open wounds, or even end up being severely emphasize out.

If your rooster needs to chill, you can shot separating him for a short time to see if her hens recuperate from a turbulent rooster and the stress he has caused.

You can then try to reintroduce him come the flock.

In numerous cases, he will go back to his old ways. In this case, girlfriend can take into consideration de-spurring your rooster.

Hopefully, regularly preserved spurs would cut down ~ above injuries incurred during mating.Unfortunately, a stormy rooster may need to it is in culled or given away come a new flock.

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When roosters room aggressive toward hens, over there isn’t much that you deserve to do to change their behavior, however it’s always worth a try.