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Do you very own African Dwarf Frogs? Or you’re planning to buy part for her aquarium? If it is the case, today’s short article will help you learn a little more about this animals.

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African Dwarf Frog (source)

I will certainly tell you 12 amazing facts around African Dwarf Frogs, for this reason you’ll understand them better. These facts deserve to come in handy, once you take treatment of them, or when you setup to buy part for the an initial time. Stop start best away!

1. Afri Dwarf Frogs space Amphibians

The african Dwarf Frog is one amphibian animal. If you nothing yet recognize what this means, permit me clean it up: an amphibian pet is one the is born under water, and also breaths using gills when young. As soon as it get maturity, that will build lung-breathing.

The afri Dwarf Frog is an amphibian, like most other frogs top top the planet. However, lock are completely aquatic and they don’t acquire out the the water like other frogs.

2. Lock Remain reasonably Small

The afri Dwarf Frog is a little animal, therefore its name. This is mostly the factor why therefore many human being seem to like it in their home aquariums. Many specimens won’t grow larger than 3 inch long.

Because that their tiny size, these frogs are perfect for fairly small fish tanks, of 20-gallons in volume. Also, your size enables you to keep multiple ones quickly together in the very same aquarium. And also besides that, adding other tank mates (other species), is additionally a possibility, since these frogs will leave an ext than enough room for lock to grow in the tank.

3. They are an excellent Jumpers

These frogs, like most others, are an excellent jumpers. This fact is nice important, if you just setup to buy the an initial one for her tank. Why? due to the fact that they i will not ~ hesitate to jump out of the aquarium, if given the opportunity.

To make sure that i will not ~ happen, you need to add a cover on her aquarium, i beg your pardon will avoid your frogs indigenous jumping outside. This way, girlfriend ensure your health and also improve your lifespan.

There were many cases when this frogs jumped the end of the tank, and also nobody noticed. Once they ultimately saw them outside, that was too late. So, it is in careful and prevent something prefer to occur in your tank.

4. They can Live approximately 5 Years

The afri Dwarf Frog will quickly live approximately 5 years in her aquarium if you treatment for the properly. This is an excellent news, if you want something the live stay for a long time in her fish tank.

Actually, 5 year is the standard lifespan the this species. If friend do whatever by the book, an afri Dwarf Frog can live up to 10, and sometimes even 20 years old. Yes, that’s true. That course, these room rare specimens, but reaching 10 years is one attainable goal for pretty much any type of frog.

5. Deserve to Be retained In tiny Tanks

These frogs deserve to be retained in reasonably small tanks, making castle much much more accessible because that beginner fish keepers. How little should a tank be, to residence a frog?

Usually, you need a tank it is at least 5 gallons in volume, for a single African Dwarf Frog. If you setup to buy an ext than simply one, 4 or 5 maybe, you’ll require a tank the of 20 gallons. Even so, a 20-gallon fish tank is not that big.

You can conveniently place the in any type of room, and it won’t disturb the look. Also, a 20-gallon tank is lot cheaper come buy and maintain together well. This renders African Dwarf Frogs a great starting point for beginners.

6. Space Not Very an excellent Swimmers

If you’re reasoning that a frog is a good swimmer all the time, than think again. The african Dwarf Frog is fairly a negative swimmer. Yes, it lives in the water, yet it likes shallow, gradually moving waters, where it’s basic to swim.

Keep this in psychic when setting up her tank. Make certain your water filter has actually an adjustable flow rate, to produce a an ideal environment for your new frogs. This way, they will certainly swim approximately much easier, without fighting the water current all the time.

7. Afri Dwarf Frogs Are really Peaceful

If you desire peaceful animals in her aquarium, girlfriend just found the perfect match. The afri Dwarf Frog is as tranquil as the gets. The will never ever bother the rather in the aquarium, and also it will live a quiet life in the tank.

It won’t strike others, no matter their dimension or look. However, if you include very tiny tank mates as well as your frogs, they might mistake them as snacks. Make certain you don’t put too little tank mates in the aquarium, ones that would certainly in their mouth.

If you take this right into consideration, over there won’t be any kind of problem in between your frogs and other tank mates.

8. Afri Dwarf Frogs are Low Maintenance

The african Dwarf Frog is a cheap breed. What perform I average by this? The expense of purchase them no high in ~ all, however, their maintenance is the very same as well. You don’t need plenty of resources to execute maintenance job-related in your frog tank.

Also, the maintenance is quickly done, without any headaches. All you should do, is adjust the water indigenous time come time, and clean the tank itself. It is pretty much all you have to do.

9. Room Not stroller, stick Eaters

These frogs will eat pretty lot anything you provide them. They are not stroller, stick eaters, like other breeds you may have in her tank. Since of this, you must be cautious what you include in their diet.

Their food have to be top quality made especially for their needs. It’s ideal to feeding them bloodworms, brine shrimp, earthworms and also krill. Also, feeding them frozen food from time to time, to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Sinking fish pellets will additionally work well.

The idea is to save a regular and also healthy diet for her frogs, to ensure the necessary nutrients for your immune system. Also, don’t feed them an ext than when a day, because they can get fat if you carry out so, thus leading to other wellness issues.

10. They’re Shedding your Skin

African Dwarf Frogs room shedding their skin. There can be multiple reasons why this happens in your tank. At first, lock will burned their skin entirely in one item as they grow bigger.

However, if the shedding doesn’t protect against after they reached complete maturity, a fungal infection might be the reason behind it. To treat this health issue, you deserve to use Methylene Blue. If there space no results, reach out to a dry vet, and ask because that his expertise.

Knowing the reason behind skin shedding, is very important, to have the ability to stop it.

11. Afri Dwarf Frogs room Singing

In the adjustment period, african Dwarf Frogs can be heard singing. Yes, that really happens. And sometimes, it’s so loud that it’s heard exterior the tank. This is entirely normal behavior that occurs once the males desire to mate.

In together periods, to entice females, they start singing i beg your pardon sounds favor humming or buzzing. This is component of their organic mating ritual. However, there are times as soon as they begin singing, also though the mating duration hasn’t started or over there aren’t any females around in the aquarium. They’re simply simply in the mood come sing.

12. African Dwarf Frogs can not Breath Under Water

Like I pointed out at our very first fact, african Dwarf Frogs room amphibious creatures. This way that they can’t breathe under water, native the suggest when they reach maturity. You should keep this in mind, once you set up your tank.

It’s a great idea to create certain places wherein your frogs deserve to get outside the water and sit down a couple of minutes to relax. This way you’ll make their life easier, and also the habitat will certainly look much closer come what they would experience in the wild.


In this write-up you learned about 12 interesting facts related to the afri Dwarf Frog. Few of these facts may already sound acquainted to you, but others might not.

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If you desire to set up your an initial aquarium v African Dwarf Frogs, it’s essential to know essential details around this breed. Numerous of this facts will certainly come in handy when setting up a brand-new environment, and also others later while the frogs have already settled in.