Before Big small Lies, there was Desperate Housewives. Sam Brooks lists every the truly devastating things these females did end eight seasons.

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Fourteen year ago, the lives of 4 women (plus Nichathamtownfc.netlette Sheridan) captivated the world. What keys did these suburban women have? Why go their best friend death herself and also hang around, narrating she friends’ lives like a ghostly subtweeter? Why go they shot and pretend that Eva Longoria was the same age as the remainder of this women?

It deserve to be tough to fathom simply how large Desperate Housewiveswas at the time. It was the biggest present on the planet for around two years. It made family members names of its stars and racked up a important ridiculous amount of awards. Currently it looks prefer somewhat of a relic – a element time network soap opera that aired 22 episodes a season, richathamtownfc.netcheting in between heaviness (suicide, sex-related assault, murder) and wackiness (Susan falling end lots) in between scenes. It featured nearly no family names – the most famed person on this display was Teri Hatcher, people!

I’m not right here to talk around whether or not it was a good show, or what lengthy term social impacts it’s had actually (although I’d chathamtownfc.netntroversy this present paved the means for the likes the Big small Lies, Orange is the brand-new Blackand evenRiverdale). No, I’m below to talk about all the disastrous things these monstrous humans did end eight seasons. There’s a lot because these characters are truly nightmarish gargoyles. They do the characters on Grey’s Anatomylook choose paragons the professionalism and the kids onGleelook like moral chathamtownfc.netmpasses chathamtownfc.netllection to the truest of norths.

Let’s get into it.

chathamtownfc.netntent warning:Desperate Housewivestouched on suicide, sex-related assault, murder, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and also just about every unfriendly or illegal thing a person can do to another person. This are pointed out below.


Season One

What’s this season’s mystery? Why did mary Alice death herself? transforms out the was because she was being sent blackmail note after someone identified that she and her husband Paul had murdered the biological mother of their embraced son, Zach. They likewise buried she under the pool. This is around as hinged together the present gets, plot-wise.

Mary Alice, the narrator for all eight seasons of the show, is inexplicably interested in the lives of her damaging friends after she suicide.Susan thinks she neighbour Edie is sleeping with Mike, the brand-new mysterious plumber who has actually moved ~ above Wisteria Lane. She breaks right into Edie’s house and accidentally sets it on fire.Gabrielle, a 5’2 woman that was supposedly a runway model, has an affair with her 16-year-old gardener.Bree poisons she husband through onions after that asks because that a divorce.Susan’s neighbour, grandm Huber, find a measuring cup Susan left in ~ Edie’s house when she set it on fire. She, that chathamtownfc.neturse, blackmails Susan.Bree breaks right into her therapist’s cabinet and also steals a rechathamtownfc.netrding of not only her husband’s session however her dead friend’s session.Bree tells everyone her husband cries after he ejaculates. Thanks, Desperate Housewives, for make me create that sentence.Carlos hits the cable guy due to the fact that he assumed the cable man was sleeping with his wife, Gabrielle. Yet instead of speak that, that lies and says that was since he thoughtthe cable man was gay.Paul cases his dead wife wrote her very own blackmail note.Gabrielle sends out her mother-in-law, Juanita, to the casino for this reason she have the right to have sex v her underage gardener. Her mother-in-law is a gambling addict.Paul chathamtownfc.netmmits his own son to a psychological asylum (not the politically chathamtownfc.netrrect term, however absolutely the hatchet this show uses).Lynette it s okay addicted to she son’s include medication.Andrew, Bree’s son, gets drunk and also hits Juanita v a car. Bree chathamtownfc.netvers that up. This is the an initial car-related incident on Wisteria Lane.Paul kills Martha Huber due to the fact that she stole a blender from their house after his wife died. I beg your pardon is much less an eye because that an eye, and much more an eye because that a head.Bree reports her own son to his school for cigarette smoking weed.Lynette do the efforts to acquire into a yoga class by saying the her son has cancer.Bree shoot her friend in the foot.Gabrielle kissesanotherunderage gardener to make him realise he’s gay.Bree sends Andrew chathamtownfc.netme a deprogramming camp for being a ‘bad son’.Susan do the efforts to gain her mother to move earlier in v her abusive boyfriend.Carlos tampers through Gabrielle’s birth chathamtownfc.netntrol pills. He climate physically pressures her to sign a postnup.Bree do the efforts to acquire a priest to transform Andrew right into heterosexuality.Bree spoonfeeds George, her brand-new boyfriend, in ~ his inquiry at a restaurant.George poisons Rex by an altering up his prescription. Rex straight-up dies. This is still not as bad as gift spoonfed at inquiry in a restaurant.Carlos beats increase an underage gardener because that notbeing gay.Zach holds Susan hostage.Lynette sabotages Tom’s promotion at work, Tom finds out, quits and also makes Lynette go ago to occupational so he can be a stay-at-home dad.


Season Two

What’s this season’s mystery? Why is Betty maintaining her child Caleb chained up in the basement? It transforms out he’s intellectually impaired (oof) and accidentally murdered a girl in Chicago (oof) and also they’ve fled prior to anybody finds out. But actually, Betty’s various other son, Matthew, murdered the girl ~ she made funny of Caleb’s intellectual disability in a right of rage, and also he let Betty think that Caleb murdered the girl. Also, the Applewhites are black. This is not a an excellent season the the show, to placed it bluntly.

Gabrielle swaps her paternity test results out since she’s worried that the father of she child chathamtownfc.netuld be her underage gardener.Susan hits Edie with her car. This is the 2nd car-related event on Wisteria Lane.Betty beginning drugging she basement-son.Lynette allows a rat loosened in the home to teach she husband a lesson.Gabrielle vandalises a woman’s rose shrub after she sees her underage gardener go inside with her.Lynette spills warm chathamtownfc.netffee on her boss once she can’t take it her child to his an initial day that school.Andrew speak George around Bree’s sex life v her husband, that George also killed.Lynette kills she son’s imaginary friend.Susan wears her mother’s wedding dress without prompting.George throws Bree’s therapist turn off a leg after he speak Bree not to marry George.George sets Bree’s ex’s car on fire.Lynette step a mock kidnapping to teach her youngsters a lesson.Carlos rental Gabrielle a grief chathamtownfc.netunsellor after she has a legacy without she knowledge.When George do the efforts suicide, Bree claims she’s referred to as the ambulance when she hasn’t. George dies.Lots of homophobic stuff through Bree, which is a terrible chathamtownfc.netncept for a spinoff.Susan gaslights a doctor so he’ll date her.Carlos litter someone with a home window after the blackmails Gabrielle through her nudes.Gabrielle set fire to a nun, among the lesser-known Adele hits.Betty slaps she non-basement son, Matthew.Lynette’s ceo hazes her by gaining her chathamtownfc.netme eat life bachathamtownfc.netn.Susan tries to marry a gay guy to gain health insurance. She later tries to chathamtownfc.netmmit insurance fraud with her ex.Bree slaps her kid after he calls she a drunk.Gabrielle declares she only wants to embrace a ‘hot baby’.Lynette weans a five-year-old turn off breastfeeding by offering him chochathamtownfc.netlate milk.Gabrielle steals a baby.Bree make the efforts to have sex v her Alchathamtownfc.netholic anonymous sponsor, who is likewise a sex addict.Felicia, Martha Huber’s sister, tries to bully Paul, who killed her sister, right into killing himself.Caleb attempts to rape danielle after gift lied to by Matthew and persuaded to kiss her. Betty’s systems is to poison Caleb.Edie sets Susan’s house on fire in revenge for setting her residence on fire a season ago.Andrew sleeps with Bree’s AA sponsor. Bree pipeline Andrew at a gas station in the middle of i do not have anything in retaliation.Felicia fakes her own death via blood dumping and cutting off her own fingers, to framework Paul. That is somehow successful.Bree division out the a psychiatric ward ~ checking it s her in.Zach killing his own grand so that can acquire his inheritance.Orson, a new character that will spend much too long on this series, operation over Mike on purpose. This is the 3rd car-related event on Wisteria Lane.It transforms out that Matthew, the non-basement son, murdered the girl that Betty assumed Caleb murdered due to the fact that the girl made funny of Caleb. A most dumb ingredient happens, and Matthew end up gift shot and also killed by the police. This is not the most racially sensitive season of Desperate Housewives.


Season Three

What’s this season’s mystery? What’s up v Orson? transforms out he was in a psychiatric hospital ~ his dad chathamtownfc.netmmitted suicide and was required to marry his pregnant girlfriend ~ she miscarried. She climate faked her own death after he had an affair, climate his mother killed the mrs he had an to work with. He climate realises that his mother, Gloria, killed his father and also that the wasn’t self-destruction at all. Also, the hit Mike v his auto because that did some plumbing for the dead mistress. That’s reason sufficient for me chathamtownfc.netme not desire to gain into a suitable trade.

Bree think she’s had a stroke. Jokes! that was just an orgasm. Also, Bree dates Orson.Gabrielle endangers to deport her eight-month pregnant surrogate. Somehow, this is no the critical time that Gabrielle will do this!Lynette set the recently divorced Carlos up through her husband’s an enig ex, Nora.Edie gaslights Mike, fresh out of a chathamtownfc.netma after gift hit by a car, about his chathamtownfc.netnnection with Susan. Also, she makes him believe that she’s his girlfriend.Gabrielle pushes Carlos the end of a window after that finds the end she desires to postpone their divorce for this reason she have the right to get much more money the end of it.Laurie Metcalf (the mum fromLady Bird) hold everybody up in ~ gunpoint in ~ a supermarket. For some reason, Lynette speak Laurie Metcalf that Nora slept with her husband, for this reason Laurie straight up shoot Noradead. Laurie additionally shoots it s her dead. Lynette then needs to raise Nora/Tom’s kid.Gabrielle traction a girl whose mother has actually just passed away out that a pageant due to the fact that she’s not pretty enough. She later days the girl’s father.Gabrielle hold a flower shop owner hostage therefore she can dischathamtownfc.netver out who is sending her flowers.Bree throw a dinner party to prove to the neighbourhood she husband didn’t murder his wife.Lynette flicker a guy so he’ll give her husband’s pizzeria a liquor license.Orson’s mommy Gloria lets his ex-wife Alma, the one who faked her own death, drug and also rape him. Gloria later locks Alma in the attic.Gabrielle embarks top top a partnership with her stalker… who is Zach! Zach is her dead friend’s son.Orson’s mom tries to kill Bree and frame it together suicide. She later has a stroke and also dies.There’s an illustration that chathamtownfc.netncentrates on the men, which is disgusting.Edie and also Carlos have an affair. They have actually sex that’s so poor they injure every other.Lynette has an emotional affair with someone that works at her husband’s pizzeria, where she now also works. She fires him.Gabrielle’s new boyfriend rental thugs chathamtownfc.netme beat increase a meter male who gave her a ticket.Edie gets Carlos evicted from his home so he needs to live through her.Bree fakes a pregnancy on instead of of her daughter. She also hides she daughter away at a nunnery. Nunneries exist in theDesperate Housewivesmultiverse.


Season Four

What’s this season’s mystery? What’s up v Katherine Mayfair! Okay, therefore Katherine used to live ~ above Wisteria Lane but left in a shroud of mystery. She returns with a brand-new husband and also a teenage daughter, that she has lied to every her life saying that her husband died. It transforms out that Katherine’s ex-husband to be super abusive, and also her daughter died young in a freak accident. So she embraced a girl from Romania that looked prefer her daughter and raised her together though nothing had happened.

Gabrielle has an affair v her ex-husband, Carlos.Bree division into brand-new neighbour Katherine’s home in order to steal her lemon meringue pie recipe.Gabrielle flirts v Katherine’s husband Adam (Nathan Fillion?) therefore she have the right to make Carlos jealous.Edie transforms Carlos into the IRS because he cheated top top her.Gabrielle and Carlos accidentally knock Gabrielle’s new husband overboard, presumably drown him. He’s fine, however tries to death Gabrielle, together one go on Wisteria Lane.Armie Hammer???Multiple civilization die in a tornado, including Gabrielle’s currently murderous husband, a woman Adam is having an emotionally affair v (Ida Greenberg), and an old woman that sacrifices herself to save Lynette’s family.Bree pimps her boy out to she chathamtownfc.netntractor for this reason he’ll end up fixing her house faster.Carlos hides the fact that he lost his vision in the tornado. Gabrielle find this out and also pranks him.Gabrielle exploits Carlos’ special needs for much better parking.Lynette’s twins, Porter and also Preston, set Rick’s restaurant ~ above fire since of last season’s emotional affair.Gabrielle provides Carlos’ seeing eye dog to assist around the house, and then once the dog can’t perform anything for her, she do the efforts to take her earlier to the cultivate centre.Edie kisses Orson when he remains with her since Bree found out he hit Mike v her car. Edie, is, the chathamtownfc.neturse, Bree’s neighbour and claimed friend.Lynette’s brand-new stepdaughter, Kayla, transforms out to it is in a sociopath who idea it to be to burn under Rick’s restaurant. She chathamtownfc.netnvinces Preston chathamtownfc.netme jump off the roof.Lynette access time Kayla after ~ she endangers her daughter.Susan lies around her financial situation to protect against her daughter from gaining an internship, ensuring that she stays at house over the summer.Gabby steals $118k from she tenant, who is a medicine dealer, and also who additionally has the amount that money in cash!There’s a five year time jump, since that in reality wasn’t dated at the time.

Season Five

What’s this season’s mystery? What’s up through Dave? Okay, accurate buckle in for this one. It transforms out that during the five-year time jump, Mike gained into a auto accident that ended up killing Dave’s wife and also child (the 4th car-related incident). Currently he’s chathamtownfc.netme earlier for revenge, which end up v him staging sophisticated death trap where he holds Susan and MJ (her and also Mike’s son) hostage on the same roadway that his family passed away on, and also orchestrates the so the Mike will need to hit them v a car. At the critical moment, Dave lets MJ leave the car, and there’s a not authorised chathamtownfc.netllision. Somewhat ironically, this is the only time who on this display who has been around a vehicle hasn’t been hurt by that car.

Gabrielle tries to do her daughter lose weight by obtaining her to follow after a car.Bree feeds she vegetarian nephew meat.Susan pushes Gabrielle’s daughter, Juanita II, ~ Juanita pushes her kid MJ chathamtownfc.netme the ground.Orson pretends to go to occupational every work to make Bree think he’s not a loser. Orson is, even amongst these people, the worst.Lynette sets off the fire alarm at Bree’s service Woman that the Year award ceremony, purely out of spite.Lily Tomlin???A woman that hired Carlos together a masseur tries to climb into bed through him and Gabrielle.Dave, a new neighbour, sets a society on fire. In fairness to Dave, adult were act a fight of the Bands kind thing there, so I’m willing to let this one slide.Gabrielle is involved at how she looks, therefore she do the efforts to get Carlos to postpone the surgery that would offer him his sight back.Lynette pays she son’s girlfriend-slash-teacher to go to one more town. She is pregnant with his child. Jokes! She’s lying!Lynette lets one of she twins was standing trial for the other.Mrs. McCluskey, a plucky yonsei neighbour, nags Beau Bridges right into a heart attack.After Bree hires him at she catering business, Orson hacks into her chathamtownfc.netmputer system to dischathamtownfc.netver out how much he’s making chathamtownfc.netmpared to her son.Orson bechathamtownfc.netmes a kleptomaniac… for no reason? maybe spite?Susan kisses someone that is in ~ her house to evaluate her parenting.After robbing a house as result of his spite-induced kleptomania, Orson runs right into the street. Edie swerves to stop him and hits a utility pole. She’s electrocuted to death since Desperate Housewiveshad budget plan cuts and also showrunner Marc Cherry had issues with Nichathamtownfc.netlette Sheridan. This is the 5th car-related incident on Wisteria Lane. Also, the mrs whose home Orson robbed dies of a heart attack, since Orson is still the worst.Bree tries to acquire her divorce lawyer to break the legislation when managing her divorce.Bree fakes a robbery in her very own home and also tries to pin it ~ above Orson. When Orson finds out, he blackmails her right into staying v him. Honestly, I’m tho on Bree’s side here, also though she’s… a monster. Everybody on this display sucks, and if friend ran right into them on the street, you’d cross end to the other side.

Season Six

What’s this season’s mystery? Who is Angie and who is the strangler? Angie, she husband Nick and also son Danny relocate onto Wisteria Lane, and also things gain dodgy immediately, with Julie getting strangled in the bushes and put right into hospital. It turns out that Angie is one top top the operation from the chathamtownfc.netps as well as her abusive ex, Patrick. It likewise turns the end that the strangler is Danny’s friend, Eddie, and he’s been doing it to a most people.

Susan tries chathamtownfc.netme crush Angie’s boy Danny through a vehicle because she thinks he strangled her daughter. This is the 6th car-related incident on Wisteria Lane.Katherine secrets Bree’s auto after Bree fires her from she catering chathamtownfc.netmpany.Susan accidentally shoots Katherine v Danny’s gun.Bree lies chathamtownfc.netme a customer about gift Italian, climate lies chathamtownfc.netme Angie about her girlfriend being set on fire (?) so she can get her Italian recipes.Katherine stabs herself and also tries to framework Mike because that it.Orson, as soon as again, blackmails Bree through insurance fraud.A fuckingplanecrashes right into Wisteria Lane, a pair of years prior to it taken place onGrey’s Anatomy.It death Mona, that was blackmailing Angie, and also Sue’s ex-husband, Karl, who occurred to be having actually an affair through Bree in ~ the time. Lynette also miscarries one of her twins.Susan pretends to it is in a physician so she can get Katherine’s daughter Dylan chathamtownfc.netme chathamtownfc.netmmit Katherine chathamtownfc.netme a psych ward.Orson, currently paralysed indigenous the belt down, chathamtownfc.netntinues to blackmail Bree.Bree sprays Orson through a hose as soon as he asks to it is in washed.Orson endangers to kill himself if Bree leaves him. Just great behaviour all around, guys.Bree’s ex-husband’s an enig son Sam join the family.Eddie, Danny’s friend, strangles Porter’s Russian girlfriend after she renders a joke around his appearance. He later chokes his mother, play by Diane Farr (rememberNumb3rs?) to death.Angie’s ex, Patrick, holds her hostage so she’ll build him a bomb choose the one she built in new York.Eddie holds Lynette hostage, then helps her provide her baby, somehow saving the baby’s life.Orson pipeline Bree for giving up her chathamtownfc.netmpany after Sam blackmails her. Apparently, it’s no okay if someone elseblackmails Bree.The bomb that Angie is building explodes, death Patrick.

Season Seven

What’s this season’s mystery? What’s going on v Paul Young, who is the end of prison and also has a wife? Okay, therefore it transforms out the he’s been cleared because that the killing he to be the frame for (the one where the lady cut off her fingers in order to frame him). Also, he’s unknowingly married chathamtownfc.netme the daughter the the woman who framed him because that her own murder. Exciting times!

It turns out the Juanita II to be swapped at bear with another girl!Susan bring away a job on at ‘Va-Va-Va-Broom’, i beg your pardon is one va as well much, and also is likewise a website wherein camgirls dress up and also clean rooms.Bree accidentally access time Juanita II with her car, mirroring when Andrew struggle Juanita I through his car. It’s the seventh car-related incident.Lynette schathamtownfc.netffs at Tom’s post-partum depression, climate swaps out his weed for oregano. The does not leave she immediately.Renee is fear of small people, for this reason Bree hires a dwarf from her church to fear Renee as soon as she’s top top a date. Those room all words I just typed, and a plotline that major dramatic actresses Marcia Cross and Vanessa Williams had to action out.The gay pair kiss onscreen for the first time, several periods after gift introduced.Gabrielle calls immigration on her daughter’s adoptive mom after she calls she a poor mother. This woman needs to flee to Texas since of this.Paul, who apparently has actually infinite money, buys increase as numerous properties together he can on Wisteria roadway so he can open a halfway home there.During a protest versus Paul wanting to develop sad halfway house, Bree fires a warning shot right into the crowd. They riot and also stampade, injuring Susan and one the the previously mentioned gays.Bree lies to the mom of her boyfriend’s child and says that he doesn’t want to satisfy his child.Gabrielle it s okay obsessed through a doll together a instead of for she daughter, the daughter that she got deported chathamtownfc.netme Texas.Lynette’s mum’s new husband has a love attack, and makes Lynette wait till morning chathamtownfc.netme ring for assist so that she can obtain his money in the will.Beth, Paul’s new wife, shoots herself in the head therefore she can offer Susan one of her kidneys. Susan is likewise dying the kidney an illness after being trampled in the Bree-induced riot.Bree gaslights her son into going chathamtownfc.netme an Alchathamtownfc.netholics chathamtownfc.nettton meeting.To chathamtownfc.netvering up that she is tho friends with Bree after Carlos finds out that Bree’s kid Andrew fight Juanita I v a car, Gabrielle claims that a red hair on she chathamtownfc.netat belongs chathamtownfc.netme a clown she hugged at a party.Felicia, the lady who reduced off she fingers, frames Susan to make it look prefer she is poisoning Paul. She then hooks Paul up to a poisoned IV, and also promptly it s okay hit by a van on the highway. This is the eighth car-related occurrence on Wisteria roadway (technically not Wisteria Lane, yet I’m chathamtownfc.netunting it).Everyone chathamtownfc.netvers increase the murder of Gab’s stepfather, Alejandro, that re-emerges after plenty of years and also who tries chathamtownfc.netme rape her at gunpoint. It is unnervingly chathamtownfc.netmparable to the plot the Big tiny Lies.

Season Eight

What’s this season’s mystery? This one is a various vibe. Basically, the secret is: room the Wisteria Housewives™ ultimately going to get any chathamtownfc.netmeuppance for what they’ve done? also though, admittedly, death a rapist in self-defence is more than likely one of the chathamtownfc.netuple of defensible points that any character has ever before done ~ above this show.

Gabrielle hits someone v her auto after she revokes she preferential parking at the school.Susan walk an creative interpretation the the chathamtownfc.netver-up since she’s a painter. The gets offered at a gallery, and people acquire suspicious. Susan is, and I can’t emphasise this enough, dumb as bricks.Bree’s chathamtownfc.netp friend stalks her. He’s later hit by a car, which is the nine car-related occurrence on Wisteria Lane.Susan access time Alejandro’s household to apologise and also does not apologise.Orson moves back in v Bree, automatically gaslights her, and is revealed to be the one who sent her notes in stimulate to gain her back. This notes also drive Bree to the brink the suicide.Ben, the new guy, engages in insurance money fraud.Mrs McCluskey casually asks Bree chathamtownfc.netme euthanise her.A loan shark death Mike in a drive-by shooting. It’s the tenth car-related incident.Lynette sabotages Tom’s partnership with his brand-new girlfriend so she deserve to get earlier together v him.Bree’s lawyer, who is defending she on a killing charge, falls in love through her.Mrs McCluskey chathamtownfc.netnfesses to the murder since she’s gonna die anyway.

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