Kanakaredes has been a command character top top the crime drama due to the fact that it an initial launched in 2004.

“We hope Melina would go back to ‘CSI: NY’ for another season, but we respect she decision to relocate on,” claimed CBS television Network and CBS television Studios in a joint statement. “Her remarkable talent and invaluable donation to the success of the series are considerably appreciated and will not be forgotten. She will certainly forever continue to be a friend to the network and studio and we wish her the an extremely best.”

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Sources say Kanakaredes’ contract to be up and also she was ready to move on. Former “Once and Again” command Sela Ward is being considered as a replacement.

“I made some amazing and also lifelong friendships during my six periods on CSI: NY,” Kanakaredes stated in a statement, “and I will certainly treasure castle forever!”

“CSI: NY” starts production ~ above its saturday season on July 28. The series is changing to a new time period, Fridays in ~ 9 p.m.


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