We"ve all probably heard that at part point. "Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace)" by the modern Christian singer and also songwriter Bob Carlisle. Really popular song because that father-daughter dances at weddings, no to point out just a renowned song for any sentimental dads the end there who love their little girls.

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But carry out you understand the story behind "Butterfly Kisses"? The inspiration for the song is as poignant as the track itself, it transforms out. (Though it"s unsurprising.) Bob Carlisle told Oprah the story top top her present years ago. Follow to Carlisle, that had obtained home so late one night and also was sit in his office. He was reasoning of his daughter Brooke and also pulled out some old photos from a cedar chest. That looked in ~ the images of his daughter, that was 16 in ~ the time, and realized she wasn"t walking to it is in living with the family much longer.

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From there, he said, the track poured the end of him. And he wept together he created it. The following day he played it because that his wife. That couldn"t even look at her as he sang it, due to the fact that he to be crying so much. She bawled too. Later he played it because that his daughter. She also cried her eyes out.

It"s a little of a touching song, it transforms out.

Pretty lot everyone in the civilization agreed. The tune won the 1997 Grammy for best Country Song as well as Song of the Year in ~ the Dove Awards, the premiere Christian music awards. Carlisle might be considered a one-hit wonder by many, but his song about the mighty love he has actually for his daughter will certainly forever live top top in the hearts of fathers and also daughters everywhere.

There"s two things I recognize for sure:She to be sent right here from heaven and she"s daddy"s little girl.As ns drop to my knees by she bed in ~ nightShe talks to Jesus and I close my eyesand I give thanks to god for all of the pleasure in mine lifeOh, yet most that all

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;sticking small white flowers all up in her hair;"Walk alongside the pony, Daddy, it"s my very first ride.""I recognize the cake looks funny, Daddy, however I certain tried."Oh, through all the I"ve excellent wrong, ns must have actually done something rightTo worthy a hug every morning and also butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 todayShe"s looking choose her mama a little more every dayOne part woman, the other part girl.To perfume and also make-up indigenous ribbons and curlsTrying she wings out in a good big world.But i remember.....

Butterfly kisses after ~ bedtime prayer;sticking tiny white flowers all increase in she hair."You know how much i love you, Daddy,But if girlfriend don"t mental I"m just gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."Oh v all the I"ve excellent wrong ns must have actually done something rightto deserve her love every morning and also butterfly kisses at night.

All the valuable timeLike the wind, the years walk by.Precious butterfly.Spread her wings and also fly.

She"ll readjust her name today.She"ll do a promise and also I"ll provide her away.Standing in the bride-room just staring in ~ her.She request me what I"m thinking and I said"I"m not sure-I just feel like I"m losing my infant girl."She leaned over

Gave me butterfly kisses through her mama there,Sticking tiny white flowers all increase in she hair"Walk me down the aisle, Daddy-it"s just around time.""Does my wedding gown look at pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don"t cry"Oh, v all that I"ve done wrong ns must have done something right.To deserve her love every morning and also butterfly kisses

I couldn"t ask God for more, man this is what love is.

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I recognize I gotta let her go, yet I"ll always rememberEvery hug in the morning and also butterfly kisses...