The last illustration of NBC’s long-running family drama Parenthood aired ~ above Thursday night, and if you haven’t checked out it yet you may want to stop reading in ~ this point. Parenthood called the story the the Braverman clan, a flawed but extremely lovable family members that dealt with issues many that us have faced. The Planet Waves version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” was the Parenthood theme tune for the term of that run, therefore it was fitting the finale pertained to a close v a gorgeous sheathe of the song.


The show concluded through a montage displaying what the future organized for every wing the the Braverman family members featuring a “Forever Young” soundtrack. As component of the montage, we see Iron & Wine (aka Sam Beam) and also Rhiannon Giddens that Carolina coco Drops record their version of “Forever Young” in ~ the Luncheonette record studio, which among the characters (Crosby Braverman) runs.

Parenthood boss Jason Katmis described how the “Forever Young” cover came together to Yahoo! TV:

“What occurred was, we chose that we wanted to execute this version of ‘Forever Young,’ since that song has been such a part of the show. For this reason we had the idea of acquiring someone to carry out it. And also Sam Beam come up, and I’ve been a substantial fan that his. We’ve supplied his music a lot. We use it ~ above Parenthood. Among my favourite needle drops ever was ~ above Friday Night Lights, once we offered an stole & Wine cooperation with Calexico.

and then Rhiannon Giddens, she was in this Showtime movie around Lost on the River: The new Basement Tapes, the Bob Dylan thing. Therefore she was component of that band. And I had never watched her before, however I had gone to the premiere and they had actually an instant concert afterwards, and also I assumed her voice was beautiful, and her violin play was beautiful. For this reason we thought of happen the two of them together. And also it all came together really quickly.

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I was therefore excited about it, i actually saw the recording session where they pre-recorded the song. The was yes, really great.

watch the stirring final scene that Parenthood:

Here’s the complete version of iron & wine + Rhiannon Giddens’ “Forever Young”: