“Living the Blues” has actually gotten an excellent reviews and Fito has signed an commitment with famous Director/Producer Mike referee to make a film based upon the book.

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Get her signed copy to add a totally free copy that the twin CD Boogie residence Tapes 2 with your purchase of the publication for $50. Enjoy and also Boogie on!



Signed image of the classic lineup and also the existing lineup are obtainable for $5 USD, or 2 for $8 USD.

To order you re welcome send the amount, plus a self addressed stamped manila envelope to:

Canned Heat19966 S. Mountain Rd.Santa Paula CA 93060USA



“Rock ‘n’ roll Made in Mexico”English Version just $7.00 USD

.“Boogie home Tapes Vol 2”1969 – 1999Double CD – $7.00 USD


Canned warmth Blues band LP (Trans gold Vinyl/Limited Anniversary version 1/2500)

For the very first time ever on vinyl, a special limited edition Translucent Gold pushing of box Heat’s 1997 super rare Canned warmth Blues Band album. This album captures the historic boogie band in a true blues and also country blues setting, and also features the initial band’s Fito de la Parra, Henry Vestine, Larry Taylor plus small Watson and Robert Lucas. 


LIVE warmth ’86

There are always special shows in the lives of classic rock bands favor Canned Heat. With optimal billing at significant events favor Woodstock, your blues and boogie roots to be truly evaluate in this one time intimate setup captured in Reno from the mid 80’s. Has stellar renditions of their hit tracks choose Goin’ up The Country, and Harley Davidson Blues, and also classic interpretations choose Al Green’s take it Me to The River.


Alan Wilson – blind Owl

His to be the voice that the wood storm generation who asked ‘baby, perform you want to go’ in the Canned heat anthem Going up the Country. Currently Severn documents releases The remote Owl, a compilation the Alan Wilson’s best works with the legendary band he aided form. The blind Owl functions 20 songs of solve blues boogie. The blind Owl is a need to for serious blues collectors and fans that 60’s psychedelic rock.

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Songs indigenous The Road

As always, led through drummer Adolfo Fito de la Parra, veteran bassist Larry “The Mole” Taylor is additionally here. The microphone and the harmonica is brand-new Orleans’ legendary Dale Spalding, while john “JP” Paulas is top top guitar. As described by manager and producer Skip Taylor, this is a picture in time the has recorded a unique night in the life that America’s most legendary blues absent band.