an initial let me say this tires space made in China, through Omni international, they do Radar tires, every one of this is best on the sidewall. So much they"re noisy, they space replacing Goodyear Nordic winter tires...I was surprised to find them rougher riding and noisier then my old snow tires. One or more has a flat spot, likely resulted in by improper storage, they to be made the 48th main of 2013 and also I purchased lock Aug 9,2014 for this reason 9 months old...the manufacturers guarantee is 3 year from to produce date. Therefore I get 2y 3 month warranty...that"s on Sears, along with the broken hubcap, the attempt to offer me an alignment based upon a print out they got from your drive end alignment checker ( the alignment numbers they verified me justifying an alignment were actually in manufacturing facility spec and the old tires showed no signs of misalignment...I love mine 4G virtual anywhere). I"m a retired Fleet supervisor and also have trained many a tech so no my an initial rodeo. This alignment sell has been a Sears sales tool due to the fact that the 60"s though now it"s computerized...I"ll hold judgement top top the tires till I gain a new set, but Sears is reportedly still using the tactics the obtain them in court every for this reason often...go to Walmart, I might still end up there. I nearly forget, Sears said I necessary an oxygen sensor and showed me and code because that O2 circuit...i asked castle why the light wasn"t on exactly how did it have actually a code and also he claimed it might be and also old code...surprise irradiate on when I leave. I showed the password turned turn off light double checked because that circuit (not sensor that"s a various code)to the sensor after the convertor. It"s all far better now. Probably the wire fell off and also they plugged it earlier in ...

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may 27, 2019 Rating
Best tires I"ve had actually on mine Dakota brand-new by: young name I have actually a evade Dakota 4-door 4x4 that i purchased new in 2004. As I create this may 2019) i now have actually 327,000 miles on it. As you can imagine, in 15 years I"ve had several set of tires ~ above it. The initial Goodyear Wrangler SRA, Bridgestone Dueler H/T, and also 2 or 3 set of Firestone location LE. EVERY one of these tires, would, after ~ about half the tread was provided up, construct scalloping around the external edge, making lock "sing" going down the highway. I assumed it simply must be something around the truck, and also I would just have to put up v it. Then, in an effort to conserve money, i bought a set of Sears Guardsman (by Radar), even though by much the least expensive tires I have actually purchased, they room the best! Finishing increase my second set, and also no scalloping! add to the drive is great.

Jul 03, 2018 Rating
Excessive outer tread wear brand-new by: anonymous ns have about 30k miles on mine Guardsman tires native Sears. I"m ~ above my second alignment and 4th rotate, so basically all tires are equally worn. There"s yes, really no valid factor for the extreme outer tread wear due to the fact that my 2003 Honda Odyssey has a resolved camber and also has had 2 alignments since the tire purchase in October 2016. This is an alleged to it is in a 50k tire. What a (not funny) joke of a tire.

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might 19, 2017 Rating
Junk tires new by: Andy Junk tires .will not continue to be balanced and will pull your front finish out the alignment.spend the extra money and get a good tire.

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