Whether you understand Jane Krakowski from Ally McBeal, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or any of her various other 4802742397423 projects, you recognize why she"s the perfect human being to end up being Sonic"s first female rep. She and Ellie Kemper star in a bunch of the chain"s new commercials together the Two males — girlfriend know, those two guys from all the Sonic commercials — and, here, she talks about her absolute fav thing off the menu, what she demands to start her day, and the most embarrassing drive-through (...kinda) endure she"s ever before had.

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Did you feeling a tiny bit starstruck when you met the 2 Guys?

<Laughs> Yes! i think Ellie and I both did! We room fans the them v the Sonic commercials, however we’re likewise fans the them v the comedy and improv world, for this reason we had actually double-fold of excited to satisfy them, and also they did no disappoint — they were hilarious. Ns think, if anything, we felt worried to fulfill them since we felt very honored come the an initial lady comedians in the car.

Was over there a little of improv walking on over there or did you stick come a strict manuscript for the commercials?

No, they gave us a many freedom and opportunity to carry our own comedic dynamic to the spots, as I recognize they carry out with the guys, together well.

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By the way, I had actually my very first Sonic on a road expedition through Texas years earlier and when I obtained the possibility to placed jalapeños on my burger, i was prefer “I’m IN! What is this place!?” So when they referred to as me to commercials, and then v Ellie, i was favor "yes, ns love Sonic, I’m in!"

The dream! If you can only bespeak one point off the menu for the rest of her life, what would certainly it be?

Oh, that’d it is in hard. During the filming of the commercial, us asked if they can make united state a milkshake, the real ice cream milkshake, and we obtained one of every flavor. Us asked because that the tater tots, we had one the the brand-new burgers, castle were choose “We’ll walk in there and also cook them for you!” due to the fact that we really wanted to eat Sonic the day <laughs>.

Can you point to a an especially embarrassing or memorable drive-through suffer you could have had actually at some point?

Oooh. The many embarrassing drive-through endure I have had — despite it wasn’t in ~ a drive-in food place — it was a journey toll, was as soon as I was brand-new on a TV show called Ally McBeal, and also it was the first time I had actually started come be well-known from being on TV. I wasn’t provided to it, friend know. There are different perks and lovely things prefer swag bags that come her way, or world send over a drink at a restaurant, and also I was type of life in the very first blush the it. Anyway, i was borrowing my mother’s automobile in brand-new Jersey and also driving through the toll fee booth the the Lincoln Tunnel and also the guy in the toll fee booth — this is as soon as they quiet had world there — waved me through! and I was choose “Oh mine god, the guy well-known me and he provided me me a cost-free ride with the Lincoln Tunnel, this is amazing!!! This TV point is awesome!” <Laughs> i told mine mother and she claimed “No, you , I gained EZ Pass.” i didn’t know my mother had installed EZ happen <laughs>! I could not think it. I had actually taken it a little too far. True story! for this reason embarrassing. I was therefore embarrassed.

Can you walk me with what you eat in a day?

Ummm … mine goodness. I don’t recognize if I have actually consistency enough to type of re-superstructure that v you. Um um um. Well, it constantly starts with coffee. Coffee immediately. Um! Gosh! I’m trying to come up v a much more interesting answer about what i really eat because I don’t think it’s that interesting! <Laughs>

Between this and Trop50, you’re quickly coming to be a really in-demand food spokeswoman! any other brands you’re covertly obsessed with and dying to job-related with?

<Laughs> carry out you yes, really think I’m going to answer the while I’m ~ above the phone v Sonic? i … desire to do much more Sonic commercials! That’s what I’d prefer to do!

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Great answer. I’ll subtly rephrase — currently that we recognize that Kimmy Schmidt is wrapping, and also congrats top top that, by the way! — deserve to you call me a little bit about what you have actually planned next?

Well, every day i am a mother, so the will give me the consistency the doesn’t normally come v the project of an actress wherein we have jobs and also then don’t have actually jobs! yet I don’t have any plans yet! We’ll watch what come up after Kimmy finishes. You know, once we acquired the news that the show was going to finish, every scene then becomes bittersweet. Ns cherish every minute I have actually with these wonderful, zany actors I obtain to occupational with every day and the crew the I’ve well-known for for this reason long! So ns will miss seeing those amazing world every job … and we’ll watch what come up next!

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