Sebastian is the brothers of KingAlonso. That is a rogue of the play"The Tempest". He i do not care a companion with Antonio in the conspiracy against his brother, Alonso. Some traits that his character are -

Cruel and also Evil

Sebastian is a price of evil as there is nothing the is redeeming in him. Sebastian"s cruelty appears first when gonzalo tries to console Alonso in his grief end the claimed death of his son,Ferdinand, Sebastian just aggravates the King"s grief. Sebastian appears to have actually no feeling for Ferdinand, nor does that offer any type of word that sympathy come his brothers Alonso. At the same time he improves Alonso"s grief by placing the blame because that the whole misfortune ~ above Alonso.

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A Scoffer

choose Antonio, Sebastian appears to be a habitual scoffer. Sebastian"s mock is just a cloak for his own guilt.

As gunzo says, Sebastian is just one of those guys who have actually such sensibility and nimble lungs that they always use to laugh at nothing. LikeAntonio, again that mocks not just atGonzalobut also the strange shapes who lug in the banquet.

once Ariel intimidates the three sinners with dire consequences, Sebastian in a defiant and also mocking tone says that he deserve to fight all the devils listed they come one through one.

A Conspirator and Hungry of Power

Sebastian becomes a companion with Antonio in the conspiracy versus his very own brother, Alonso. Though the plot is argued byAntonio, yet Sebastian uses ready floor for the seeds of the conspiracy i beg your pardon Antonio tries come sow. Over there is in him an unconscious ambition, a implicit desire for power. And also therefore, when an possibility comes, he easily seizes top top it. He hardly offers any resistance come the angry which Antonio injects into him.

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Having No Repentance and Remorseful feeling

that the there criminals responsible for the wrong excellent to Prospero, Alonso is the just one who is filled v remorse and repentance. In the situation of Sebastian together in that of Antonio, we do not find any type of signs that repentance.Prosperodoes speaks towards the finish of the play as if he has actually perceived some remorse in this two guys we, but doubt whether such is the case. Like Antonio Sebastian seems to be completely unscrupulous and unrepentant. That is true the the angry in him has actually been engendered chiefly by Antonio, but once that evil has actually been aroused, Sebastian has no thought of the consequences nor go he permit his conscience to exercise any type of check upon him.