Melantho of the quite Cheeks is one of the Twelve Maids and a details favorite that Penelope’s. She frequently has a speaking duty in the Maids’ poems, plays, and also songs. Once Penelope told the Maids to insult her and also her household to get the Suitors’ trust, Melantho threw herself right into the duty whole-heartedly.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the character Melantho of the quite Cheeks appears in The Penelopiad. The colored dots and icons suggest which themes are associated with the appearance.


...danger, and also saying hope will save them afloat. The Maids climate curtsy and also one maid, Melantho the the quite Cheeks , passes her hat around and also thanks the audience.(full context)

...from this affairs, Penelope would raise the herself. Among the slave youngsters she raised was Melantho the the quite Cheeks .(full context)

...helped she for three years to undo her weaving in ~ night. One of the maids, Melantho that the quite Cheeks , would lug in snacks to eat while they worked, and also they would tell stories...(full context) they continued to unwittingly humiliation the family to the Suitors in former of him. Melantho of the pretty Cheeks was especially harsh. Penelope chose to call Odysseus that the women had been acting at...

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(full context)
This chapter, native the Maids’ perspective, is formatted as a manuscript for a play. Melantho that the pretty Cheeks speaks the prologue, opening by saying that there is “another story” in i beg your pardon Penelope was...(full context)
...and Eurycleia told the he eliminated the twelve Maids who had actually been especially rude, including Melantho that the nice Cheeks . Eurycleia calls castle “notorious whores.”(full context)
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