D.B. Is Holden’s larger brother. A former army soldier who dealt with in world War II, D.B. Is an author best well-known for his short stories, i beg your pardon Holden deep admires. However, D.B. Has actually recently started writing movies in Hollywood, i m sorry displeases Holden, who thinks his brother has actually sold out and is now practicing miscellaneous close come prostitution. D.B. Is the human being who access time Holden most commonly when he’s in the remainder home.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the character D.B. Caulfield appears in The Catcher in the Rye. The fancy dots and also icons show which themes are connected with the appearance.



...year. ~ all, this limited amount of info is all he said his very own brother, D.B., who visits the every week. Holden notes that D.B. is a talented writer who has...(full context)

In Penn station in new York, Holden wants to speak to someone, and considers call D.B., Phoebe (his younger sister), Jane, or another friend named Sally Hayes. He also considers calling...(full context)
...away indigenous the hotel, he decides to walk to a piano bar called Ernie’s that D.B. when took that to. Accordingly, he hails a taxi and also thinks around Ernie, the bar’s...(full context)
...in the scene, a young woman called Lillian Simmons viewpoints him. Lillian used to date D.B., and also Holden thinks she’s a disastrous “phony.” once she get his table, she says it’s...(full context)
...it for this reason much. Due to the fact that the movie is set during wartime, Holden thinks around his brothers D.B.’s suffer in human being War II, and also this leads him to consider the reality that he...(full context)
Holden thinks around the books D.B. gave him ~ coming home from people War II. Back D.B. said he hated being...(full context)
...way come Phoebe’s room but finds the empty. Remembering that Phoebe likes to sleep in D.B.’s room, that creeps there and also turns ~ above the light. In ~ first, Phoebe doesn’t wake up up,...(full context)
...startles Phoebe. As soon as she speak him the he can spend the night with her in D.B.’s room if it’d make him feel better, he many thanks her yet says he has to...(full context)
...zoo, Holden and also Phoebe start to walk towards a big carousel where Holden, Allie, and D.B. used to take it Phoebe when she was little. Phoebe still isn’t talk to Holden, but...(full context)

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access time Holden quite frequently. He freshly asked exactly how Holden feels about everything that has actually happened...(full context)
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