The term “overshoot” is supplied to describe “aiming too high” for a specific goal. Various interpretations of “overshoot” include, yet are not restricted to:1. Come shoot or happen over or beyond.2. To miss by or as if by shooting, hitting, or propelling something also far.3. Come fly past or past; overrun: The airplane overshot the runway.4. To walk beyond; exceed.

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The exactly answer is: Overshoot.


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The ax overshoot refers to passing or going past a particular target. It is provided to talk about aiming also high for a particular goal, usually, because it is irrational to attain it or just due to the fact that it is not meant to be reached by the person who is making the attempt.

I think there space a few terms that could be used:Unattainable, overestimation, impossible.Hopefully this helps!




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