You should know exactly how photosynthesis and also cellular respiration are associated (that the products of one room the reaction of the other). You need to understand the reactants, assets and an easy functions the photosynthesis, aerobic, and also anaerobic respiration. You need to understand how ATP is connected with power transfers within the cell. You need to understand that photosynthesis stores power while cellular respiration release energy.

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The diagram listed below shows the relationship in between photosynthesis and also cellular respiration and also the organelles in which lock occur.


Which statement explains how photosynthesis and also cellular respiration room interrelated?

A. Oxygen is created during moving respiration and stored throughout photosynthesis.

B. Carbon dioxide and water released by cellular respiration are used in photosynthesis.

C. Photosynthesis publication the power that is stored during the process of moving respiration.

D. Glucose is used during cellular respiration to develop food the is damaged down during photosynthesis.


Example Two

Which gas is gotten rid of from the atmosphere throughout photosynthesis?

A. Hydrogen

B. Oxygen

C. Nitrogen

D. Carbon dioxide


Example Three

A weightlifter is using heavy weights in quick bursts because that a competition. Due to the fact that his muscle cells space not may be to take it in sufficient oxygen to make really much ATP the weightlifter begins to get tiredness in his muscles. I m sorry of the adhering to processes is most most likely going on in the muscles of the weightlifter together he competes in his event?

A. As the cells operation out that oxygen they move to anaerobic respiration, which allows the cell to make small amounts of ATP in the absence of oxygen.

B. Together the cells operation out the oxygen, they die off gradually and the weightlifter's muscles have fewer contracting muscle cells.

C. The cells will never ever run out of oxygen if the weightlifter is breathing.

D. As the cells run out that oxygen, castle will proceed to make the same amount that ATP, since oxygen is not required to make ATP.


Example Four

What function doesATP bring out in life things?

A. Aids in protein folding and also coiling

B.used come capture and also transfer energy

C. Identifies DNA start sequences for transcription

D. Helps keep the fluidity of cabinet membranes


Example Five

How room cellular respiration and also photosynthesis related, in regards to energy?

A. The energy recorded in photosynthesis is supplied to strength cellular respiration.

B. The energy transformed in moving respiration is used to strength photosynthesis.

C. Photosynthesis and also respiration perform the same task in state of energy transformation.

D. Power is notinvolved in one of two people photosynthesis or cellular respiration.


Example Six

Two different types of bacteria space examined. Scientists uncover that varieties X constantly produces CO2 and also H2O throughout cellular respiration. Species Y always produces ethyl alcohol and CO2. I m sorry conclusion have the right to be make from these observations?

A. Only varieties Y is aerobic.

B. Only types Y is anaerobic.

C. Both varieties X and also Y room aerobic.

D. Both varieties X and also Y room anaerobic.


Example Seven

In which means are photosynthesis and cellular respiration different?

A. To move respiration stores ATP, when photosynthesis releases ATP.

B. Moving respiration produce oxygen, while photosynthesis provides oxygen.

C. Photosynthesis release energy, while cellular respiration shop energy.

D. Photosynthesis supplied carbon dioxide, if cellular respiration to produce carbon dioxide.


Example Eight

A diagram representing the relationship between photosynthesis and also cellular respiration is displayed below.

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The numbered crate in the diagram stand for which that the following?

A. 1 - water; 2 - nitrogen

B. 1 - nitrogen; 2 - oxygen

C. 1 - oxygen; 2 - carbon dioxide

D. 1 - carbon dioxide; 2 - water




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