The U.S. State Quarter program was a good way to display off states\" pride and also personality when revamping the watch of the quarter.

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The North Carolina State 4 minutes 1 was exit in 2001,the third year of the State 4 minutes 1 program.North Carolina to be the second quarter released that year.

The official release day was March 12, 2001.State soldier were exit in the order says joined the united States.As such, phibìc Carolina was the 12th State 4 minutes 1 released.

Total mintage the the phibìc Carolina 4 minutes 1 was 1,055,476,000 i m sorry is precious a full of $263.87 million.

phibìc Carolina 4 minutes 1

details release Order Release day Mintage inscription an introduction Engraver
Mar 12, 2001
1.06 billion
very first Flight
wright Flyer, man T. Daniels's iconic photo of the bright brothers
man Mercanti

brand-new York(Prev)

Jan 2, 2001 release Date

(Next) Rhode Island

May 21, 2001 release Date


The phibìc Carolina state quarter pays tribute come the light brothers who famously created the an initial airplane.The picture on the quarter is of man T. Daniels\"s iconic photograph of the light Flier in mid-flight.

The inscription on the 4 minutes 1 reads \"First in Flight,\" above the light Flier.

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