20. I m sorry sentence has repetitious indigenous that must be left out?A. The star will soon disappear.B. The shining star is visible.C. The shining star is visible to the eye.D. The star was visible century ago.

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Which sentence consists of repetitious words that need to be left out: The bright star is clearly shows to the eye.
20. I m sorry sentence contains repetitious native that need to be left out? A. The star will quickly disappear. B. The bright star is visible. C. The bright star is clearly shows to the eye. D. The star was visible century ago.
14. The _______ demanded the Latin American nations keep their financial affairs on stimulate or risk intervention by the joined States.A. Knox PolicyB. Monroe DoctrineC. Roosevelt CorollaryD. Great Neighbor policy
The ROOSEVELT COROLLARY demanded the Latin American countries keep your financial to work on stimulate or risk intervention by the united States.
17. Throughout Lyndon Johnson"s presidency, i beg your pardon of the adhering to legislative or executive actions banned literacy tests?
17. Select the sentence that includes a loved one pronoun.A. Those room not my shoes.B. Who is coming down the hill.C. Please, put your book bag in your locker.D. Mr. Moon, whom you have met, is mine assistant.
The sentence that consists of a relative pronoun is: Mr. Moon, who you have met, is my assistant. (whom)

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