Which the the following is not a attribute of a scientific theory?a. It starts as a hypothesis.b. It ultimately is accepted as absolute truth.c. It requires crucial thinking.d. It is not embraced as a theory until it has been experiment repeatedly.

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now in this inquiry we room addressing what is a clinical theory. Okay. First of all, a many of human being use theory and they go, oh i think that this is my theory and they think that it's not a guess. Okay, very first of all not I guess scientific theory okay. Is component of the scientific method kind of choose at the bitter end it starts together a hypothesis. So you made an monitoring of some herbal phenomenon. Okay. That observation made girlfriend ask a question. It s okay that you maybe you wanted to uncover the answer to that inquiry uh do you do some research to find out things around that question. And based on the research and everything you discover out in her observations. You come up through your hypothesis. Yet the scientific method doesn't end there. After you execute your theory right? You will make a prediction based on your hypothesis. Okay. Um then after you make a prediction based on your hypothesis, you test her hypothesis and also that's what we often tend to speak to the experiment. And also that experiment is walking to make you collection data monitorings from your outcomes of your experiment. Therefore what room you walking to execute with that data? You're going to and analyze the data? Okay. Now remember as soon as you're assessing your data you need to use an important thinking. It's kind of a provided but part of the question. So let me include there the in bespeak to analyze your data you must use critical thinking. Okay. And also after you analysis your data, watch what girlfriend come up with. You're gonna end up making a conclusion based on your data. So based upon your outcomes on the truth you see there. Okay So we're still no well that's still not a theory. No this is all testing hypothesis. So what is a theory? fine a theory Okay start out as a hypothesis but it's been tested lots of times. And not only has it been tested however it's been verified. You deserve to use the words proven or supported means the very same thing. It reflects that your hypothesis was right and also it's acquired to be multiple times number of times once is not enough twice is not enough. Okay. In order for your theory for your theory to be accepted and made right into a theory. Okay. It's acquired to it is in tested and verified multiple times. Okay currently the one thing is also though it's to be accepted and also tested and also verified. Okay it is no absolute truth. This is a concept is a result of one experiment. The is not absolute truth. Okay. Um eventually welcomed as absolute truth. No um absolute reality is what us would consider a law like the regulation of gravity and also things like that.

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No the theories. For this reason of all the statements about theories, every one of these room true except it is not thought about absolute truth.