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exactly how do classic artists differ from your Romantic counterparts? (147)a.They are an ext subjective.b.They emphasize clarity and beauty the form.c.They usage art for self expression.d.All the the above.
of the following, i beg your pardon historical occasion did NOT have actually an influence on the classical era? (148)a.American revolutionb.industrial revolutionc.French revolutiond.Russian change
i m sorry American president to be a leading figure during the timeless period? (148)a.Abraham Lincolnb.Thomas Jeffersonc.Andrew Jacksond.James Polk
The Classical duration in music ranged native approximately: (150)a.1600 to 1650.b.1650 to 1700.c.1700 to 1750.d.1750 to 1825.
What does not characterize the classical style? (149f)a.singable, elegant melodiesb.highly chromatic harmonyc.strong, continual rhythmsd.use of folk and popular aspects
Which role in music life was socially acceptable because that eighteenth century women? (151) musiciand.all of the above
Which finest describes absolute music?(152) there is no a story or there is no formc.all crucial musicd.the finest music native the previous
In pure music, the lack of a prescribed story or text to host the music together renders the facet of _____ specifically important.(152)a.melodyb.texturec.harmonyd.Form
i beg your pardon of the complying with genres walk NOT generally follow the basic structure of a multimovement cycle?(152)a.sonatab.symphonyc.Overtured.concerto
The three main sections the sonata-allegro type are the exposition, development, and:(153)a.bridge.b.recapitulation.c.coda.d.trio.
In sonata-allegro form, a modulatory section that leader from one template to the following is called(153)a.a codetta.b.a development.c.a introduction.
In sonata-allegro form, the ar that attributes the most tension and drama v modulation and also motivic interplay is called:(153)a.the exposition.b.the development.c.the recapitulation.d.the coda.
i m sorry of the following is a common characteristic of the second movement of a multimovement cycle?(154)a.a slow-moving tempob.theme and variations keyd.all the the above
The overall form of a minuet and also trio is best described as:(155)a.A-B.b.A-B-A.c.A-B-A-C-A-B-A.d.A-B-C-D-E-F-A.
The Italian words da capo are typically found in _____ form.(155)a.binaryb.Ternaryc.theme and also variationsd.sonata
A cable quartet is composed of:(156)a.violin, viola, cello, and also bass.b.3 violins and cello.c.violin, 2 violas, and cello.d.2 violins, viola, and cello.
The most essential instrumental genre of the Classical period was(161)a.the serenade.b.the cable trio.c.the symphony.d.the divertimento.
The very first movement the a symphony is commonly in:(163)a.sonata-allegro form.b.minuet and also trio form.c.rondo form.d.theme and also variations form.
who was Haydn’s major patron?(162)a.Emperor Frederick the Greatb.Emperor Joseph IIc.Prince Esterházyd.Count Razumovsky

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