Rick asked: house team dugouts; why is the residence team dugout in the AL ~ above the very first baseline and also on the 3rd baseline in the NL?Rick answered: Rick, say thanks to you for your question.There room 10 NL teams and also 8 AL groups which selected to use the first base dugout in their home stadium.The numbers that elect the third base dugout once at house are 6 from every league.There is no proclaimed rule as to which dugout will be used by the residence team. Institutions base their decision ~ above the size and also condition of the dugouts and locker rooms, orientation to the sun for day games, franchise tradition. Colleges and high institutions most always make their selection based on i beg your pardon dugout encounters the sun.In leagues whereby there is a common field played on by all in the league, the schedule usually designates i beg your pardon team is the residence team, and also one details dugout is always the house team dugout.The complying with list is the MLB malfunction for first and third base selections:First Base1. Atlanta Braves (N)2. Baltimore Orioles (A)3. Boston RedSox (A)4. Cincinnati Reds (N)5. Colorado Rockies (N)6. Houston Astros (A)7. Kansas City Royals (A)8. Milwaukee Brewers (N)9. Minnesota pair (A)10. New York Mets (N)11. New York Yankees (A)12. Philadelphia Philies (N)13. Mountain Diego Padres (N)14. Seattle Mariners (A)15. St. Luigi Cardinals (N)16. Tampa only Rays (A)17. Texas ranger (A)18. Washington Nationals (N)Third Base1. Az Diamondbacks (N)2. Chicago Cubs (N)3. Chicago WhiteSox (A)4. Cleveland ind (A)5. Detroit many tigers (A)6. Los Angeles Angels the Anaheim (A)7. Los Angeles Dodgers (N)8. Miami Marlins (N)9. Oakland Athletics (A)10. Pittsburgh Pirates (N)11. Mountain Francisco Giants (N)12. Toronto Blue jays (A)Yours in baseball,Rick

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Jun 24, 2019 Rating
Which dugout? by: Cathy Rick, Wasn"t the MN twins dugout top top the 3rd base side when they to be at the Met Stadium?

Jun 24, 2019 Rating
Which dugout? by: Cathy Rick, Wasn"t the MN pair dugout on the third base side once they were at the Met Stadium?

Jun 22, 2019 Rating
Dodgers residence dugout 1988 people series by: Tab Scott, ns remember Tommy coming out of first base side as soon as Gibby struggle the homerun. Mine friends to speak I"m CRAZY? ive looked eveywhere i know, thats what ns was trying to find again when i discovered this thread.TAB

Oct 08, 2018 Rating
Good come know! new by: Shiela my pal simply asked why the Astros to be in the first base heat dugout at Cleveland. Ns guessed because it was on the sunny side that the field for the work game but didn’t establish the rest of the story as you current it here. Many thanks for the details.

might 17, 2018 Rating
Are girlfriend sure? by: Bob ns was just at a Tampa just game. They use the 3rd base dugout

Apr 04, 2018 Rating
By this particular day w dugout question by: anonymous Hi an excellent answer nice point to recognize

jan 18, 2018 Rating
Spring training Facilities by: rick The original article was for all the MLB teams home dugout throughout the continual season, in their house town. Spring training facilities may be various than their house town stadium.Yours in baseball,Rick

january 17, 2018 Rating
Spring maintain by: anonymous I visited spring training game at phillies house game and they to be on left next after ns bought tickets because that the best

Oct 26, 2017 Rating
dugout by: cotton In the beforehand years the Dodger stadium from 1962 on, did the Dodgers ever use the 1st base dugout (that"s what mine childhood storage says. If so, as soon as did they switch to 3rd base and also why?scott

Jun 07, 2017 Rating
yankees by: anonymous Yankees room number 11 on an initial base perform

might 07, 2017 Rating
Cubs/third base dugout by: Richard I"m happy I confirm in. Watching the Cubs-Yanks series at Wrigley, note the Cubs" dugout behind third. (Figure that"s why i sat in grandstand behind third; most games I attended was in "45, together I remember!) till I check out your blog, I"ve been reasoning the Cubs were unusual in their selection of dugout. I certain learned something!

might 07, 2017 Rating
Updated by: Rick, chathamtownfc.net thank you for her comment.The Astros have been relocated to the very first base dugout.Yours in baseball,Rick

may 05, 2017 Rating
Astros perform wrong by: cotton wrong - your 3rd base list reflects the Astros using third base dugout i m sorry is wrong. Astros usage the an initial base for residence team.

Apr 25, 2017 Rating
Very an excellent host by: anonymous This is a very well-put-together post great informative and simple. Say thanks to you. Give thanks to you for not complicating black world do

Aug 31, 2016 Rating
outdated but fairly helpful. by: cotton This have to be a few years old, it has the Astros in the NL.

Aug 22, 2016 Rating
O"s 3rd base by: cotton Orioles on third base next not an initial base side.

Aug 03, 2016 Rating
Home team dugout by: anonymous NY Yankees additionally use first base as their house dugout

Jun 21, 2016 Rating
left out team by: Richard absent the brand-new York Yankees. They use the very first base next dugout. And that renders 30 teams.

Jun 04, 2016 Rating
30 mlb groups ????? by: cotton maybe i to let go something however once top top a time 12+17 equaled 29

may 13, 2016 Rating
Yankees by: Jorgemonza I"m happy to check out they were left turn off the list. Their brand-new ball park is an overpriced morgue. No residence feild advantage. Love it! go Sox!!

may 09, 2016 Rating
Yankees and first Base Dugout by: stack Anonymous: say thanks to you because that your comment on this post, regarding which dugout the Yankees usage at home.I was pretty sure with mine information; simply went to the Yankees facebook Page and also their cover photo is a shot of the Yankees inside wall up on the an initial base line for the national Anthem.They are in pin stripes, so that would placed them in ~ home, first base side.Yours in baseball,Rick

Apr 05, 2016 Rating
1st/3rd by: Monty Does the maybe have something to perform with sun? Or wind? relative to the orientation the the stadium...Just guessing

Apr 05, 2016 Rating
3rd base by: anonymous i m really sorry Rick.your wrong, very first of every Mr Baseball you left the Yankees off your list, the which ns could care less. Yet there dug-out is top top the third base side.

january 31, 2016 Rating
My mistake by: Rick, chathamtownfc.net Yankees use the very first base dugout.In one ALCS video game one year, not certain which one, there to be a camera shot indigenous the 3rd base dugout, as a pitch to be being delivered.It recorded Derek Jeter in the top top deck circle, very first base side. Together the pitch was delivered, Jeter was set up, time the pitch. The pitch ended up high and also tight, causing the batter to drop level on his earlier to prevent being hit.The camera caught Jeter, in the on deck circle, dropping just as the hitter did.I have never watched that level that concentration in one on deck circle, before, or since that day. Unique indeed!!

jan 29, 2016 Rating
yanks by: cotton no yanks?

jan 12, 2016 Rating
Thanks rick ! by: walk Giants thanks RICK. I"M trying come visit as numerous parks as possible.

Sep 18, 2012 Rating
You space correct by: stack (chathamtownfc.net You room correct, ns whiffed on the one. The Yankees usage the an initial base dugout.I had actually watched a ALCS collection game one year where they had a camera shot from the third base dugout, through home plate to the Yankees dugout.Jeter remained in the on deck circle, time the pitchers deliveries to the hitter. Pitcher threw a ball up and in, which placed the Yankee hitter top top the ground. The camera shoot on replay showed Jeter stride come time the pitch and was therefore locked in, that he to reduce on the ground also. Many amazing instance of pure focus I have the right to remember seeing.That is what makes him who he is!Yours in baseball,Rick

Sep 18, 2012 Rating
Yankees? by: cotton Where are the Yankees on your list?

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