As you make plans come immigrate to Canada, ensure that you space well-informed before choosing a district to live in. Forming component of the second-largest country in the world, Canada’s districts cover a vast selection of territory and also understandably have actually different resource endowments, employed staff prospects, and demographics. Understand which province will much better suit her Canadian immigration settlement demands by reading around each the their different industries, cities, and characteristics.

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British Columbia

Population: 4.4millionCapital: VictoriaLargest city: VancouverMain Industries: includes forestry, fishing and also mining gold, silver and other minerals. Tiny businesses comprise 98% that the province’s commerce and are the main resource of employment for British Columbians functioning in the private sector. BC’s tourism industry has actually grown substantially in the previous decade; it now employs 1 in 15 functioning British Columbians. Finally, brothers Columbia leader the nation in Start-Up activity and businessman activity, together 3.7% the its working populace were engaged with a Start-Up companies in 2011. Because that this reason, it may be wise for effective Start-Up Visa applicants to consider British Columbia together their location for permanent residence in Canada.


Population: 3,645,257Capital: EdmontonLargest City: CalgaryMain Industries: Leading markets in Alberta encompass energy, agriculture and forestry. The power industry makes up ¼ of the province’s GDP and includes the oil sands, natural gas and coal. Alberta is Canada’s 2nd largest agricultural producer and also forestry is the province’s third largest industry. Several Canadian Immigration methods such as the Federal skilled Trades Program have actually been tailored to provide swift relief to gaps in Alberta’s work market, increasingly seeking professional workers in trades such together machinery, plumbing, and metal work.

The Canadian federal government distributes different immigration settlement funding allocations to each province and are every year. See just how much funding each province receives because that their new Canadian permanent residents with this free infographic.


Population: 1,033,381Capital: ReginaLargest City: SaskatoonMain Industries: Saskatchewan derives 95% that its created goods indigenous its cornucopia of natural resources and their refined counterparts. These encompass grains, livestock, oil and gas, potash, uranium and wood. Many world work in manufacturing companies that produce foods and beverages, chemicals, machinery and wood products. Saskatchewan is progressively coming to be the destination of an option for immigrant to Canada. The government’s 2011 National family Survey reports the Saskatoon’s Canadian immigrant populace soared indigenous 11,470 to 27,355 between 2006 and also 2011.


Population: 1,208,268Capital/largest city: WinnipegMain industries: Wheat is the many important crop in Manitoba’s sizeable agricultural industry, accounting for 40% the the province’s crop production. Manufacturing in Manitoba is mainly dominated by food, machinery, transportation equipment and clothing. Mining is additionally a an essential sector for employment in this region.


Population: 12,851,821Capital/largest city: TorontoMain Industries: seven of the world largest automobile manufactures operate 14 plants in Ontario which displayed how necessary manufacturing is in the province. Information and an innovation is additionally a growing sector, particularly in “Technology Triangle” the Toronto, Ottawa and also Waterloo. This area continues to attract inventive brain from across Canada and also the world. Forestry remains critical industry in northern Ontario if journalism, the arts, and culture thrive in the province’s bigger cities.


Population: 7,903,001Capital: Quebec CityLargest City: MontrealMain Industries: Quebec is the only province in Canada through a dominant French-speaking population. Tourism, design, software advance and business flourish especially in Canada’s “Cultural Capital”, the city that Montreal. Aerospace service providers such together Bombardier several worldwide air carry organizations have actually their headquarters situated in the province. Quebec’s mining and forestry market generate billions in worldwide export revenue and also Hydro-Québec is a world leader in hydroelectric power, with tens of thousands functioning for these industries. Those interested in immigrating come Quebec should note the the district has developed its very own immigration programs and also has requirements and also distinctions different from the commonwealth government’s streams for Canadian immigration.

New Brunswick

Capital: FrederictonPopulation: 751,171Main Industries: new Brunswick is the only official bilingual district in Canada. Main markets in the district include manufacturing and tourism. Like countless other Canadian provinces, brand-new Brunswick’s economic climate is tied come its natural source endowments and thus relies heavily on the fishing, forestry, energy, and also mining sectors.

Nova Scotia

Capital: HalifaxPopulation: 921,727Main Industries: located on the shore of the Atlantic s Nova Scotia boasts an industry with bases in offshore and inland fishing, mining and also drilling. Shipping is additionally common in Halifax as it is among the main Atlantic ports.

Prince Edward Island

Capital: CharlottetownPopulation: 140,204Main Industries: The smallest district in both dimension and populace is well known for the delicious potatoes that comprise a large part the its agricultural sector. The bulk of tasks on the island revolve roughly the prospering tourism market and small businesses.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Capital: St. John’sPopulation: 514,536Main Industries: Top industries in Newfoundland and Labrador encompass energy, fisheries, mining and forestry, demonstrating exactly how the province—like many others in Canada—grounds its wide range on the profusion of natural resources the the area has to offer. More than half of Canada’s complete iron ore is created in the country’s eastern-most province. Finally, Newfoundland and also Labrador’s services sector has likewise taken off in the previous decade, experiencing significant gains specifically in tourism, healthcare, and financial services.


Capital: IqaluitPopulation: 31,906Main Industries: The populace of Nunavut is the the smallest of the every the provinces and territories in Canada and also close to 80% of the Territory’s citizens are Inuit. Main sectors in the territory include mining and source development.


Capita: WhitehorsePopulation: 33,897Main industries: The leading market in the Yukon is mining, which accounts because that 30% the the Territory’s economy. The Yukon’s GDP is additionally bolstered through its service and administration sector. Fishing and trapping is an extremely popular in the area and the Yukon is a popular destination for the film industry, in part due beautiful landscapes and long sunlight hrs in the summer.

Northwest Territories

Capital: YellowknifePopulation: 41,462Main Industries: The region is investing in the business and economic development sector with resources for entrepreneurs. Other important industries in the territory include energy, diamonds and the mining the minerals, oil and gas.

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About the Authour Sarah Mae Dalgleish is a contents writer and also marketing intern in ~ FWCanada Immigration law Firm in Montreal, Canada. Presently, she is studying international Business, French and Spanish at mc glitter University.