Perhaps because we humans lost our tails long ago, many world find the tails that other pets to it is in fascinating. Exactly how much pleasure do you obtain when your dog"s big, animated tail gets to wagging once they check out you? the fascination extends to some pets around the world whose tails are unusually long, strong, prehensile, or just plain weird. Transparent the pet kingdom, most pets have a tail that one kind or another, however the animals with the longest tails are few of the many magnificent.

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Even if their tail no much longer serves a purpose, some pets have evolved to screen the greatest extravagant tails the likes of i m sorry humans can only look upon with envy. Long tails have the right to be found from the the smallest mammal to the largest reptiles, however not all space as lengthy as you can think. For this list, one animal"s tail needs to one of two people break documents or have actually a ratio much longer than their body-length to the suggest it is obvious and strange.

Photo: G Bayliss / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

The Long-Tailed Widowbird is ideal known as "Sakabula" in the home variety of Botswana, Angola, Kenya, southern Africa, the democratic Republic the the Congo, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, and also Swaziland. These small, colorful birds are ideal known because that their very long tail feathers. The males are the ones v the prolonged feathers attached to their rears; females space comparatively drab in appearance and have tail feather that prolong only an customs or two.

For the males, their tail feathers are what give this bird that is name. On most adult males, in between six and also eight of your 12 tail feathers prolong a complete half-meter (20") from your bodies. As they paris over their territory, their feathers trace behind castle making them look much larger than they in reality are. Technically, the tail feathers of a bird aren't your tail, yet a beneficial extension the it. For this reason, the Long-Tailed Widowbird is not greater on this list.

Scientific Name: Euplectes progneType Of: Euplectes

Whiptail Stingray

Photo: Adam / Wikimedia Commons / CC through 2.0,

Whiptail Stingrays comprise a family members of beam found throughout the planet's tropical to pleasant waters. There are additionally some examples of the household that exist in freshwater transparent Africa, Asia, and Australia. Choose all rays, they room cartilaginous fish with a diamond-like body shape that encompasses their bodies making castle look favor an underwater kite.

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One example of the family, the southerly Stingray (Dasyatis americana) have the right to reach a size of as much as 1.5 meter in width with a tail getting to to a length slightly longer than the total body width. Lock come equipped through a small, yet sharply serrated barb, which can be used for defensive purposes to keep predators at bay. They have actually been well-known to injure humans, yet often only lead to a little wound and also painful cut.