It is a stunner movie around a fictional chain restaurant and the employees that occupational there. 95% the the movie is filmed in what is typically a low end chain place and it is funny together all hell because that those v a love for mindless humor. I think the Bennigans in Kenner, La was wherein it was filmed. I have a weird sense of humor so I favored the flick rather a bit.

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Bennigans in Kenner/Metairie right in former of home Depot on Vets. Mine cousin somehow hung out with that actors the totality time they to be filming. I had a opportunity to go fulfill them all however bitched out and also never went.
quote:If you've operated in a restaurant, the movie is nice spot on. Yes. Ns am interested below how many civilization have waited tables and also done the following: 1) play the acquire someone to look at her package game. 2) rubbed your package and also put it in the food
quote:jwall3 It's no really the specific things they walk that are spot on, but an ext the attitude and also tone the interaction. I've had numerous of the same conversations/arguments in ~ the restaurant, and you execute hang out through pretty much the same people every night. And, there is always some type of game being play at a restaurant. The just transforms a lot.
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"We acquire it you're the cool guy at Shennanigans WOOO!!! That's choose being the smartest son with down Syndrome"

I agree. I gained a few good laughs city hall it. I bartended for a couple of year in college, mostly at a restaurant. It to be a continuous party every night and also everyone was hooking up with each other. We never ever played any other those games, yet practical jokes to be the norm.
Yeah, we had actually a guy gain fired at the restaurant I settled for hanging his balls the end his trousers while working the expo heat in the kitchen - he had actually his apron end it and also would choose up the apron and also flash people, he did it once as the manager walked in and he had to fire him. I chosen the movie, it was best on with typical stuff we did/dealt with.
quote:The next human to say the word Shennanigans............... hey Farva those that new restaurant you've been raving about?
All the stuff v the balls to be pretty stupid, but the different species of customers were perfect. The redneck, the foreigners, the teenagers, the horny guys, and my favorite, the "beotch". Ns swear I have waited on the skank thousands of times.

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quote:All the stuff v the balls was pretty stupid, but the different varieties of customers were perfect. The redneck, the foreigners, the teenagers, the horny guys, and my favorite, the "beotch". I swear I have waited on that skank thousands of times. I can have never been a waiter at a restaurant together I am fairly sure i would have actually tried to kill the redneck. That type seems to it is in about fifty percent of what remained in Bennigans critical time i ate there. As much as the earlier of the home stuff goes, I would love to understand of the crazy stuff the goes on in the kitchens and such, specifically with the short end, ie. Dishwasher/fry cook types. Emeril's had actually tried at one time to do all their employees go with a drug screening procedure and i heard castle couldn't get sufficient employees to apply after that. Ns am guessing the the intake restaurants in roughly N.O. Probably have actually some pretty stunner assed world working there.