Fly is an important HM that you must teach among your Pokemon, or you’ll be running around the whole area top top foot or your bike, which, together we every know, isn’t the fastest mode of traveling. Surf might assist you to a particular extent, but then again, fly enables you come switch places in seconds!

As Pokemon Emerald is still one of the most popular and also beloved main collection games come come the end of Gamefreak’s studios, the demand for the video game is tho pretty high.

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And new players regularly get grounding at part story level together they’re not used to the old storytelling methods.

But nothing worry; this overview will go you v every step, every battle, and every direction you need to follow to get the HM fly, providing you accessibility to super-fast travel in-game.

So, here’s exactly how to gain fly in Pokemon Emerald.


Before also thinking about getting fly, you first need to defeat the gym trainer at Petalburg city and obtain the balance badge.

Once you carry out this and also continue with the story collection by the game, you’ll expropriate surf, i m sorry you have to use to gain to route 119, where the next part of the story takes place. (You’ll need to go with 118 come reach course 119)

Step 1

Route 119 is complete of grass, so you will do it be battling a lot of of opponents and likewise wild Pokemon, for this reason make sure you’re all set for this in advance. Next, head directly up wherein the route guides you.


Soon, you’ll end up close to a huge building i beg your pardon is the Weather Insitute, and for some reason, team Aqua/Magma room there. As usual, you’ll have actually to face off against the grunts in the building.

Step 3

You’ll need to defeat each and every grunt in the building to make your method out the the place and also head on your journey.

Step 4

Once you’re done v the villain teams and also start make your method up the map, your rival will certainly appear. Now relying on your character’s gender, it’ll one of two people be might or Brendan.


Step 5

You’ll need to fight your rival next, and once you loss them, you will be forgive the HM, Fly!

Requirements for using Fly

After you acquire the desire HM, friend can’t use it directly; you’ll first have to teach that to among your Pokemon who deserve to learn the move.

Next, you have to proceed the journey to obtain all the title of the region, together you can’t usage the HM outside battle unless you have actually the Feather badge.

The feather badge have the right to be derived by beating the Gym Trainer Winona. You can discover her in the Fortree City Gym, which she is in fee of.


She provides Flying species mostly, so taking her on won’t be tough as she doesn’t have actually a lot of of flexibility in she team.

Pokemon that have the right to learn Fly!

Once you obtain the HM, you need a Pokemon which can learn the move. If you already have one, no problem, go ahead and also use it.

But if you haven’t obtained the chance to capture a Pokemon that have the right to use the move for part reason, listed below is a list of Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald that deserve to learn the move fly.

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The Pokemon space Salamence, Rayquaza, Crobat, Zatu, Skarmory, Taillow, Swellow, Wingull, Pelliper, Vibrava, Flygon Swablu, and Altaria. No all these Pokemon will certainly be easily accessible to be captured at this time in the game, but some will certainly be.

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