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The International foodstuffs Section

Miso paste can be found in the worldwide food section. The international food ar is usually situated behind the create section and/or near the box food section.If your Walmart has actually multiple aisles for international foods, look for Japanese/Asian foods.

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Miso paste is usually situated with various other condiments, therefore look for dressings, simmer sauces, and marinades.

The Condiments Aisle

If girlfriend cannot find the miso dough in the international foods items section, check with various other refrigerated condiments. This are often located close to the dairy ar of the store.Miso dough is regularly refrigerated, so anywhere with refrigerated condiments is a great place to start.

How is Miso dough Packaged?

Miso paste is generally discovered in a little plastic container or a bag. Once looking ~ above the shelf, look for a tub similar to the ones offered for tart cream or yogurt.

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Miso may additionally be uncovered packaged in a simple plastic bag.Also read: this is just how you make a miso soup breakfast v rice


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