Reflashing and also ReprogrammingWhat is reflashing / reprogramming? What space your choices when your vehicle needs reflashed after ~ a new transmission is installed. Frequently for 2005- Ford and GM 6-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed and also 10-speed vehicles.

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Automatic infection Repair CostsWhat is a same price to pay for assorted transmission repairs? What kinds of repairs does a transmission need?
Automatic transmission Rebuild CostsDoes your transmission need rebuilt? fair price overview for the price selection of a transmission rebuild.
Remanufactured Transmission alternatives and CostsConsidering a remanufactured transmission? below are costs and alternatives for how to purchase.
Get a cost-free Transmission estimate by EmailWant an calculation for a remanufactured transmission? Fill the end the kind here to get an calculation via e-mail.
How to replace a infection Torque Converter Clutch SolenoidWhat is a transmission torque converter clutch solenoid and also how to change one if it goes bad.
How to replace a transmission Pressure regulate SolenoidWhat is a infection pressure regulate solenoid and also how to replace one if the goes bad.
How to change Transmission SolenoidsGuide to assorted automatic infection solenoids, exactly how they work, and also DIY instructions.
How come Remove and also Install one Automatic infection - (RWD)If you are facing a infection replacement, you deserve to reduce the cost substantially by removing and re-installing the transmission yourself. Here we provide step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing a transmission.
How to change a Transmission speed SensorFor many vehicles, the speed sensor is plugged into the transmission (or transaxle). As soon as the speed sensor falls short the speedometer stops working and also shifts may come to be erratic. Replacing a speed sensor is easy.
How to relax a Shifter lever That is stuck in ParkNothing is more frustrating than getting into your car and the equipment shifter bar being locked in Park. Here we explain how to release the shifter, the causes, exactly how to repair and the estimated cost.
How to install an Automatic infection Oil CoolerInstalling an auxiliary transmission oil cooler can safeguard your transmission from overheating and also failure. Extreme heat can damage a perfectly an excellent transmission really quickly. Coolers are inexpensive and easy to install.
How to examine the problem / Level of her Automatic Transmission fluid and change Fluid / FilterLearn just how to inspect the condition of transmission fluid, what the different conditions mean and also what, if anything, you have to do to save your infection running smooth. Find out the exactly procedure for checking transmission fluid level. Many people do the wrong, so here is the straightforward way. Maintaining clean fresh liquid in your infection is the number one point you have the right to do to safeguard the transmission from premature birth failure. This DIY infection fluid and also filter change procedures are easy to follow.
How to replace a transmission Neutral safety SwitchThe neutral safety switch is a safety attribute that avoids the engine from beginning when the infection or transaxle is in gear. Once the switch fails, the engine might not crank or it might start in gear.
How come Flush her Automatic TransmissionA transmission liquid flush can be performed there is no a transmission flush maker - and it"s safer for high usage vehicles.
What is Limp Mode?When a transmission fault is detected by the OBD-II system, the transmission may get in fail-safe (or "limp" mode as it is additionally called) in stimulate to safeguard the infection from inner damage
Transmission Diagnostic trouble CodesDiagnostic trouble Codes P0700 through P0799 room transmission connected OBD-II codes. Any code within this range point come a transmission related fault..

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How come Inspect and also Repair CV Axles and also CV JointsCV (constant-velocity) axles, (also well-known as half-shafts), are offered in front-wheel drive vehicles to transport the engine’s strength from the transaxle come the 2 drive wheels.
Auto fix SafetyWhen functioning on or around any type of vehicle injuries can and also do occur. Please read these safety Precautions before beginning your next automotive service/repair project.