When you are looking for a printed publication or one more physical item at the chathamtownfc.netrary, most frequently you will need a call number to uncover it in ours collections. 

The chathamtownfc.netrary Catalogue will incorporate some straightforward location details (e.g. "W.A.C. Bennett chathamtownfc.netrary (Burnaby) Curriculum Collection"), and a speak to number, because that these physics items. 

How speak to numbers work

All publish or file copies of books in the chathamtownfc.netrary are assigned a contact number, usually uncovered on the book spine.

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The speak to number represents what the publication is around and acts prefer the book"s attend to on the chathamtownfc.netrary"s shelves or stacks. Since books on the shelves space arranged in speak to number order, you will find books on comparable subjects shelved close to each other.

At the chathamtownfc.net chathamtownfc.netrary, we usage the chathamtownfc.netrary of congress (LC) group system. LC contact numbers are comprised of letters and numbers and also look something prefer this:

PR 8923 W6 L36 1990 c.3

Read the call number indigenous left come right. The an initial part of a contact number, PR 8923, is composed of a mix of one or 2 letters and a number that suggests a details subject area.

The following part, W6 L36, identifies a particular title in ~ the variety of books on that topic, 1990 is the day of publication, and c.3 indicates it is the third copy in the chathamtownfc.netrary.


Finding your publication once you have actually a contact number

Once you have a contact number for your book (or various other item), you have the right to use the floor arrangement link in the book"s Catalogue record to see the area the the chathamtownfc.netrary wherein you can discover the book. 

Or examine these chathamtownfc.net chathamtownfc.netrary maps to discover the location.

Steps for finding your speak to number on the shelf

Call numbers beginning with a single letter come before call numbers v a 2nd letter, e.g.: P prior to PA, then PB, PC, and so on till PR.Once you are in the exactly letter area (in this example, PR), the books are in number order, e.g.: PR 8923 comes after PR 90 and before PR 9000.The next component of the call number is read like decimals, e.g.: PR 8914 J46 1992 comes before PR 8914 J6Many books additionally include the year of publication. In this example it is 1990. This will assist you discover the best edition, if over there is more than one.Using speak to numbers to browse the shelves

To browse a basic subject area, you deserve to start by finding the contact number for a publication or publications on your subject, then looking in ~ the shelves nearby.

Or you have the right to use tools like the chathamtownfc.netrary of Congress classification Outline to get much more specific subclassifications to browse, such as: BC because that Logic; MT because that Music Instruction and Study; QP for Physiology. (Note that these space still big categories, and depending ~ above the dimension of the chathamtownfc.netrary where you room searching, you might be overwhelmed through results!)

chathamtownfc.netrary of congress (LC) category system and also call numbers (subject classifications)

The chathamtownfc.netrary the Congress group system divides subjects right into 21 very broad categories:

A - basic WorksB - Philosophy, Psychology, ReligionC – background - CivilizationD - history – general (not U.S.)E - U.S. HistoryF - U.S. Local background and Latin American HistoryG - Geography, Anthropology, RecreationH - social SciencesJ - politics ScienceK - LawL - EducationM - MusicN - well ArtsP - Language & LiteratureQ - ScienceR - medications - AgricultureT - TechnologyU - armed forces ScienceV - marine ScienceZ - information Science


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