Text impacts in word 2016 add flair come your message by using visual embellishments such together shadows, glows and reflections. The control you have over Word’s Text effects is vast. You have the choice of using ready made text effects, or friend can readjust the following characteristics individually:


To apply a ready made message Effect, first select the text in your document, click on the Text impacts command in the Font team (on the home tab), and also select one from the gallery.

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There is a Live Preview available, for this reason you can hover over a Text impact to see just how it will look if you use the effect.

There is nothing avoiding you using a ready made message Effect and also then tweaking an individual facet manually using the alternatives shown above.

For example, the Text impact in the gallery over in the bottom left looks excellent, so let’s use that:


However, it might do through a reflection. To add a reflection, click on Text impacts > Reflection, and select the reflection you want. Again, you can hover over photo in the collection to view its Live Preview prior to clicking on that to use it.


If you desire to have much more control over the reflection’s attributes, click Reflection Options, in ~ the bottom. Once you do, the style Text results panel opens up up top top the best of the workspace through the Reflection options open.


Here, you can select from a preset, or fine song the complying with individually:

transparency – form in a details number, or traction the slider to alter how transparent the reflection is.size – controls just how much the the original text is reflected. 100% will make a reflection of the whole of your text, whereas little values will reflect just the part of the message nearest the “floor”.blur – if you want a crisp, clean reflection, set this to 0. If you want the reflection come look a tiny hazy, boost the blur.distance – changes how far away native the bottom that your text the have fun is positioned. Friend will normally want just a tiny gap in between the text and its reflection.

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Any alters you make in the format Text Effects home window are applied instantly.