A disturbance the transfers power from one place to another.

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mediumAn intervening substance v which a pressure acts.
mechanical waveA tide that requires a medium through which come travel.
vibrationA repeating back-and-forth or up-and-down motion.
transverse waveA tide that moves the medium in a direction perpindicular to the direction in i m sorry the tide travels.
crestThe highest component of a transverse wave.
troughThe lowest part of a transverse wave.
longitudinal waveA tide that moves the medium parralel to the direction in i beg your pardon the tide travels.
compressionThe component of a longitudinal wave whereby the particles of the medium are nearby together.
rarefactionThe part of a longitudinal wave where the corpuscle of the tool are far apart.
surface waveA wave that occurs at the surface between two mediums.
amplitudeThe maximum distance the particles move away indigenous their rest positions together a tide goes v the medium.
wavelengthThe distance between the crests that one wave and the crest of the next wave.
frequencyThe variety of complete waves the travels with a given place in a certain amount that time.
HertzUnit that measurement because that frequency.
reflectionThe bouncing that a wave once it hits a surface ar through i m sorry it cannot pass.
angle of incidentThe angle in between an energy wave and an imagine line drawn perpindicular to the surface of the barrier or new mdium.
angle the reflectionThe angle between a reflected wave and also an imagine line attracted perpindicular come the surface of the barrier or brand-new medium.
refractionThe bending that waves as they go into a different medium.
diffractionThe bending of waves around the edge of a barrier.
constructive interferance-
destructive interferance-
standing wave-
seismic waveAn energy wave caused by the activities of the earth's tectonic plates.
primary wave-
secondary wave-
tsunamiAn s wave caused by seismic waves.

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seismographA maker that actions seismic waves.