Anonymous asked: Runners on first and 3rd, ground ball is fight to first baseman that tags the base climate throws to 2nd to tag the jogger for the third out. Runner crosses the plate prior to the tags at second base, does the operation count?Rick answered: say thanks to you for her question.Rule 5.08 how a operation Scores(a) One operation shall it is in scored every time a jogger legally developments to and touches very first base, 2nd base, 3rd base and home base prior to three guys are put out to end the inning.Exception: A operation is not scored if the runner breakthroughs to home base throughout a pat in i beg your pardon the 3rd out is made;(1) through the batter-runner before he touches very first base.(2) or by any runner being required out, or(3) by a preceding runner who is declared out due to the fact that he failed to touch one of the basesSince the very first baseman tagged first base come retire the batter-runner, the was the end number 2.It likewise created a situation called "force removed".The jogger from first must now be tagged out, and for the run not to count, that tag out would have to be before the jogger from 3rd base cross the plate.Runner safe at home.Yours in baseball,Rick

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