The dogwood’s profuse blooms appear between late March and mid-May and linger for weeks, giving way to environment-friendly leaves in the summer. Picture by: note Turner.

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Dogwood trees and shrubs, some of the most famous in the country, offer an extraordinary four-season display screen of beauty. The main attraction is the figure of the showy white or pink flower (actually bracts) the herald the come of spring. Unfussy in its care requirements, the dogwood easily thrives in the residence landscape and grows quickly.

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There room many species of dogwoods, ranging from small shrubs come single-trunked ornamental trees. Adhering to is a list of some usual types, some of which room American natives and also others the come native Asia and Europe.

Cornus florida: flowering dogwood, north American native, treeCornus kousa: Kousa dogwood, oriental native, treeCornus alternifolia: Pagoda dogwood, phibìc American native, large shrub or little treeCornus mas: Cornelian cherry dogwood, european & oriental native, big shrub or small treeCornus nuttallii: Pacific dogwood, north American native, huge shrub or tiny treeCornus sanguinea: Bloodtwig dogwood, europe & oriental native, shrubCornus amomum spp. obliqua: Swamp dogwood, north American native, shrubCornus stolonifera: Red osier dogwood, north American native, shrub


2-9, depending upon variety


Shrubs 3 to 5 feet tall and wide; trees from 10 come 25 feet tall with a tribe diameter of 6 to 12 inches.


Full sun to partial or complete shade, depending upon variety.

Bloom time:

Mid-March with May, depending upon variety.

Growth rate:

Most dogwood shrubs and also trees grow quickly, v a rapid rate of end a foot a year. Trees will certainly reach complete size in around a decade.

Flower color:

White is the usual shade of the dogwood’s petal-like bracts, however some space pink or also pale red, such together C. Florida ‘Rubra’.


Like various other deciduous trees and also shrubs, the leaves of a dogwood space green throughout summer and adjust to one attractive reddish-purple during the fall, prior to dropping to the ground.


Trees are rounded with horizontal branching. Dogwood bushes have an upright habit.

Are dogwoods deer resistant?

Deer resistance different slightly between types, yet for most, Rutgers prices them as hardly ever to periodically damaged through deer.


When come plant:

Plant dogwoods in the spring, before tree development starts and also when the floor is moist.

Where come plant:

Dogwoods flourish in both sun and also shade, making the a good understory tree or shrub.


Dogwoods do finest in moist, well-drained, contempt acidic floor that includes organic matter.

Planting tips:

Dig one extra-wide feet to for sure the roots have room to flourish outwardsDon’t plant as well deeply, the source flare have to be above ground levelFor container grown dogwoods, loosen the root ball with a floor knife to protect against the root from continuing to grow in the circular form of the potFor bare root dogwoods, soak the roots in a bucket of water before plantingCreate a berm of soil about the external edge that the root sphere to organize water

Companion plants:

Plant with witch hazel, redbud and oakleaf hydrangea.



Dogwood trees and also shrubs have a normally attractive shape, therefore they require small pruning unless essential for aesthetic reasons or to enhance their vigor. The finest time to prune is in the so late winter (when the tree is dormant) to early on spring, before brand-new folige emerges.


Water her dogwood ~ above a regular basis until it is established. Then, provide extr water throughout hot dried spells and also mulch to aid retain moisture. Store the mulch pulled earlier a couple of inches native the tree trunk. Dogwood trees like moist soils, with plenty of tolerating boggy conditions, for this reason they aren"t necessarily dryness tolerant.


Be careful when fertilizing a young dogwood shrub or tree—many newly planted trees are killed by using too much fertilizer. Thus it is frequently safest to organize off ~ above fertilizing till your tree is in its second season. If you have actually an created dogwood the you feeling would advantage from fertilization, have your floor tested to recognize the best course the action. Additionally, fertilizer applied too late in the season have the right to stimulate new growth that is fragile to winter damage.


Dogwoods space subject to anthracnose, a fungal an illness that reasons leaf spotting and twig dieback. Preventative measures incorporate providing great air circulation to keep foliage dry, and also watering in the summer during periods that drought. Any diseased twigs and also branches should be pruned off.

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The most usual insect insect is the dogwood borer, who larvae burrow under the bark the the trunk and also limbs. Because newly hatched larvae enter the tree v wounds or broken bark, avoid damage to the bark once doing lawn maintenance and don"t prune from April to June when borers are most active. Infected trees deserve to be treated by spraying v an insecticide.