Shakespeare wrote in English. "Prevent" expected the same to him together it does to any kind of other English speaker, to stop something native happening. An example is in Hamlet action 3 step 1 in i beg your pardon King Claudius says, "the hatch and also disclose will certainly be some danger; which for to prevent . . ." In other words, the foresees peril which he really hopes to prevent by sending Hamlet to England.

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i looked it increase ok

In shakespeare"s publications the word prevent is to anticipate.

In today"s use protect against is to save from developing or to prevent someone native doing something.

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I searched the word in an old English dictionary

Shakespeare used the native "prevent" in his works to "anticipate" something. This is different from the way we use that native today, since for us "preventing" way "preventing" something from happening.


As girlfriend may already know, the English language has the capacity to readjust over time, together do most languages. Furthermore, Sahkespeare to be a writer who liked to check out words, frequently using them in unusual ways and who sound different than what us know about the word. An instance of this is the word "prevent", which Shakespeare constantly uses in the feeling of "anticipating". An example of this can be watched in "Hamlet", whereby Shakespeare created "the hatch and disclose will certainly be some danger; which for to stop ..."

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