Since the beginning of FusionFall Retro we have actually seen the advance team upgrade the game in means that the fanbase were formerly unsure were also possible. That is no surprised that fans to be ecstatic to get updates to this currently eleven-year-old game. It is right, this year we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the start of the initial FusionFall and with that, the developers have made a significant update to the game. In this evaluation we will talk about FusionFall the game, the updates native the advancement team, and also Brendan Przywara’s comment about the 11th anniversary.

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FusionFall Retro is one MMORPG originally released in 2009, it to be relaunched by a team of talented fans who are known as the FusionFall Universe breakthrough team (in pan circles merely the dev team). The principle of the game is soon summed up requires an intergalactic conqueror named “Fuse” that is infecting our civilization with FusionMatter. This combination Matter substance is killing our world, and it is approximately us and the Cartoon Network characters to avoid it. The game features your player avatar fighting their method through evil blend monsters and also doppelgangers of our favourite cartoon characters.


Dexter, young genius, along with his competitor Mandark were able to build a weapon made of the really same toxic matter plaguing your planet. Nanos is the crossroads in between imaginary energy, science, and combination matter. They room tiny super-powered execution of her favorite Cartoon Network heroes and villains. Until newly the FusionFall community thought it was impossible to add brand-new Nanos to the game, however update after ~ update have caused their perspectives to change.

Finally, the new decade arrived and also with it to be the FusionFall Anniversary update, this added long-awaited Nanos for personalities who never had actually one. This can be referred to as the “World Nano Update” together it included additional Nanos not compelled for leveling up, and they would be called world Nanos. We talked to Brendan Przywara about this update.


John Carter JR (JCJ)- What walk the 11th anniversary average to you and also your fellow breakthrough team?

Brendan Przywara (BP)- The 11th anniversary is really special. I don’t think anyone thought the FusionFall would certainly be alive and also kicking in 2020 with the lot of committed support the it has. It truly feels favor we’re living the impossible right now, and it only makes us much more excited because that the year to come.


John Carter JR (JCJ)- room you excited about the launch of brand-new Nanos and what does this say because that the future?

Brendan Przywara (BP)- New Nanos are so exciting! There to be a time earlier when we first launched Retro that every one of us collectively thought adding new Nanos was completely impossible. It’s so good to see just how much we’ve come on that front the development. I know that Nanos room things the get human being really excited, and also there’s a lot of of ways to do them really stand out, from creating powers, come animations, come voice lines, come the Nano-missions themselves. Ns think you can absolutely expect to see new Nanos in the future, however, it really does take quite a long time to include everything single component of a Nano, and also I think that actually renders adding brand-new Nanos feel an ext special in the lengthy run, anyway.


(The Belladonna was originally planned because that Legacy)

John Carter JR (JCJ)- freshly in a livestream you stated not composing the existing Belladonna Nano powers, walk this mean we will certainly see much more writing from friend in-game in the future?

Brendan Przywara (BP)- That’s true, ns didn’t compose the Nano powers that came to be in the last release. I did compose three totally different powers for her, i m sorry we’re originally for FusionFall tradition back as soon as adding brand-new Nanos in Retro seemed impossible. However, we ended up modification them once it concerned the 11th-anniversary update, and also all 3 of Belladonna’s nano powers came to be changed. You’ll absolutely see more writing native me in the future, I’ve been writing missions, Nano powers, dialogue, and more for the game since it launched, and that’s not going far anytime soon.

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John Carter JR (JCJ)- FusionFall has a specialized fan base, how has actually this team of fans affected your life?

Brendan Przywara (BP)- simply by speak “it’s readjusted my life” still isn’t even giving the fanbase the respect they worthy on exactly how they’ve impacted my life. It’s opened up the door to so plenty of opportunities, I’ve met so plenty of of mine closest friends, and also it’s offered me a platform to be an innovative and perform things and also create content that people watch and enjoy. I’m not certain what I would be law right now if the FusionFall fanbase didn’t scoop me up like it did, however I promise it would certainly be so much much more boring 보다 what I’m doing best now!


Overall FusionFall Retro is shaping approximately be an ext than the simple game revival, the is a love letter to Cartoon Network’s ideal creations and creators by an impressive group of fans. With recent updates introducing an ext character cameos or personalities themselves native all various kinds of reflects like course of 3000, Johnny Bravo, and more we have the right to expect an excellent things native the breakthrough team. What will certainly we specifically see next, the time Squad component 2 and expansion update have been announced and also it is only a issue of time before we can see more. The moment is now, the hero is you! You have the right to play FusionFall at

Thanks again to Brendan Przywara for the interview. You have the right to follow Przywara on society media in ~ the complying with links.