As dentists, we frequently tout the services of sugar complimentary gum (and sometimes also that sugar cost-free candy). And, for most people, seeing the a product is sugar complimentary gives castle a feeling of relief the what they’re consuming is both waistline and also mouth friendly!


However, in the age of all-natural and also organic foods, just how much execute we yes, really know about what we’re putting right into our bodies? because that example, xylitol is one ingredient the is really commonly discovered in sugar-free products. And…as they say, if it’s tough to pronounce, does that make it poor for her body?

Below we’ll failure what us know about xylitol and also let you involved your own conclusions! stop dive in…

Quick history the sugar free gum 

Trident was the an initial national brand that sugar-free chewing gum. The was emerged by the American Chicle company in solution to medical explorations linking street to this decay. The initial Trident formula consisted of sugar but likewise three enzymes designed come promote dental health and therefore the name “Trident.”

Sugar-Free Trident was introduced in 1964 through the slogan “The an excellent Taste the Is an excellent for your Teeth!” American Chicle’s marketing was among the very first national campaigns to encourage dental wellness through chewing gum.

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So, what is xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring alcohol discovered in most plant material, including many fruits and also vegetables. It’s extracted from birch timber to make medicine. It’s additionally commonly used to combat middle ear infections in young children, and even offered for nasal watering for those with sinus issues.

In enhancement to its medicine purposes, xylitol is additionally commonly used as a street substitute in sugar complimentary chewing gums, mints and also other candies. It has the purported services of helping to avoid both this decay and dry mouth. It’s also commonly provided by diabetics together a substitute for real sugar products.

And why is it popular?

Added street (specifically sleek sugar) can just it is in the unhealthiest ingredient in the contemporary diet. And because that the enhancing amount of street in daily products, sugar-free sweeteners choose xylitol room becoming more and more popular.

Xylitol looks and also tastes choose sugar yet has under calories and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. Table street has 4 calories per gram if xylitol only has 2.4. This has end up being one the the most popular choices for diabetics due to the fact that it has actually a very low glycemic level (and doesn’t cause dangerous spikes in blood street or insulin).

Is xylitol really good because that my teeth? 

Dentists have long well-known the oral health benefits the chewing gum in general. Researches have displayed that chewing sugar free gum ~ a meal can assist rinse turn off harmful acids and even help prevent the potential of tooth decay.

In addition, chewing gums help to stimulate approximately ten times as lot as saliva in your mouth than would certainly otherwise normally occur. This helps avoid dry mouth, i beg your pardon on that own have the right to lead to significant oral health difficulties since bad bacteria space able come infiltrate gum currently easier.

Finally, chewing gum have the right to actually avoid the growth of negative bacteria that reasons cavities due to the fact that one of the key ingredients in gum—xylitol—causes the mouth to end up being inhospitable to these bacteria.

And the is due to these benefits the the American dentist Association has put that seal the approval ~ above sugar cost-free gums. If you are in a pinch after ~ a meal and also need something to freshen your breath (or don’t have actually the possibility to brush), popping in sugar cost-free gum v xylitol is a an excellent option.

There needs to be a catchright?

If girlfriend are starting to get involved that this is all too great to it is in true, us should most likely outline several of the much more common concerns civilization have raised.

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First, because that dog lovers, xylitol is highly toxic come our four-legged friends. While xylitol is took in slowly and has no measurable effect on insulin production in humans, in dogs your bodies wrong it for glucose which sends their body right into an overdrive of manufacturing of insulin. This deserve to lead to severe low blood sugar and even death in dogs. The can likewise lead come liver fail in dogs.

For humans, adverse side effects are rare and less severe. Because that some civilization who consume xylitol in large quantities, they endure digestive issues. However, the bottom heat is that, together a sweetener, xylitol is a good alternative to actual sugar and also is absolutely tooth-friendly!