The 1980s to be the birthplace that so numerous things the have become commonplace in our lives: personal computers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, and also two-pound cell phones. It to be a strange, wonder time the is tho widely celebrated thanks to our obsession v nostalgia, however here are 80 things you could not know around the 1980s.

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1. Toni Basil was 38 years old once she tape-recorded "Mickey."

Thanks to the music video, the 1982 song, "Mickey" came to be a cheerleader anthem even though that singer was much more than a few years the end of high school. It was also originally called, "Kitty," but producers adjusted it so it would certainly be around a man.

2. Hacky sacks were all the rage, however they to be hardly a 1980s invention.

Hacky sacks had a major moment in the 1980s, however they’ve been about since 3000 BCE—when Chinese Emperor Wong Ti offered to kick around a leather ball filled v hair.

3. Casey Kasem stop the Transformers cartoon since of a racism script.

Legendary DJ and voice actor Casey Kasem played Cliffjumper top top the animated Transformers, but he left the display over a racist manuscript containing an Arab character called Abdul, King of Carbombya. They tho made the episodes.

4. Clark Kent helped name the Walkman.

Getty Images

Sony named the Walkman after ~ the Pressman audio recorder featured popular in Superman. Lock originally dubbed it the Sound-About in the joined States and the Stowaway in the united Kingdom.

5. Waterbeds to be an immensely well-known luxury item.

In 1987, 20 percent of every mattress sales to be waterbeds. The waterbed market was precious $2 billion.

6. Roald Dahl had actually an existential situations writing Matilda.

Roald Dahl struggled to write the book-devouring character due to the fact that he to be genuinely fear that publications in general were ending up being unpopular. Fortunately for every one of us, he was wrong.

7. April 24th is "New youngsters On The Block Day" in Massachusetts.

Ibolya Nyikos, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Michael Dukakis is well known for shedding to George H.W. Bush in the 1988 presidential election, but people forget about his bigger contributions to history—like, for instance, heralding April 24, 1989 "New youngsters On the Block Day" in Massachusetts.

8. Luke Skywalker was virtually trained by Buffy.

In beforehand outlines for The realm Strikes Back, Yoda was named Buffy. Jedi and vampire slayer?

9. You can buy the call from her favorite show.

In 1984, if you want a call shaped like lips, favor the one the D.J. Had on Full House, the would expense you $70. Nowadays, no one also knows the price of a landline phone—and many civilization will never know the thrill of chatting top top a hamburger phone or a banana phone call or a Mickey mouse phone or among those transparent phones whereby you could see all the wires inside. A lip-based telephone will certainly run you about $20 today.

10. Barbra Streisand"s stylist invented the crimping iron.

kparis/iStock via Getty Images

Stylist Geri Cusenza developed the crimping stole after hrs of braiding and also unbraiding Barbra Streisand"s hair for a photo shoot, unleashing a hairstyle the would ascendancy over the decade.

11. Ms. Pac-Man had an … interesting tagline.

When the video clip game personality was presented in 1982, she tagline was: "The new femme fatale of the video game world." Sure. Fine.

12. Jolt cola found a slogan come stick with.

Jolt Cola, i m sorry was introduced in 1985, offered the exact same slogan, "all the sugar and twice the caffeine," because that 24 year straight. In the so late 2000s, they changed it come "Maximum caffeine, an ext power," which simply doesn"t have actually the exact same punch.

13. DC Comics to be nice sufficient to let The Karate Kid store its name.

Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid (1984).Columbia Pictures

Before The Karate Kid movie, The Karate boy was a totally unrelated DC Comics superhero. Columbia images actually thanked DC Comics in the movie"s credits for letting them usage the name.

14. Christian Bale once helped sell Pac-Man cereal.

In the 1980s Christian Bale starred in a commercial because that Pac-Man cereal, thus offering us the name for his unpreventable autobiography: From Pac-Man come Batman.

15. A the majority of popular publications were ghostwritten.

Ghost writing was incredibly common in the 1980s, especially among serials aimed at tweens and teens. Because that example, The Baby-sitter"s Club author Anne M. Boy name ghost composed the first Sweet valley Twins book, and Sweet sink Twins writer Peter Lerangis ghostwrote 43 Baby-sitter"s Club books.

16. Olivia Newton-John’s tune Physical was supposed to it is in macho.

According to songwriter Steve Kipner, the Olivia Newton-John track Physical was initially written for "a macho masculine rock number like pole Stewart." The singer likewise worried after she tape-recorded it that it was as well raunchy.

17. The Razzies to be born the end of a bad dual feature.

Speaking of Olivia Newton-John: after ~ publicist john J.B. Wilson watched a twin feature that Can"t avoid the Music and also Xanadu, he was motivated to start the gold Raspberry Awards, a.k.a. "The Razzies." The parody plaudits for negative filmmaking were originally awarded in ~ his home Oscar party.

18. Halley"s Comet was very first observed via spacecraft in 1986.

Chinese astronomers very first noticed that in 239 BCE. We won"t see it again from planet until 2061.

19. Boomboxes inquiry some serious arm strength.

BrAt_PiKaChU/iStock via Getty Images

According come boombox skilled Fred Brathwaite, those boxes to be so hefty that "some cats that would lug their boxes every the time, they would build massive forearms and biceps." some boomboxes to be 26 pounds.

20. You"re a huge fan of task Ii—whether you understand it or not.

When American Greetings was emerging Care Bears, they to be top secret and only called "Project II." job I, by the way, to be none other than Strawberry Shortcake.

21. A Strawberry Shortcake convention lasted into the 2000s.

Incidentally, Strawberry Shortcake has her own annual convention in Cleveland that kicked turn off in 2003 and lasted more than a decade.

22. A soap opera helped make stack Springfield a an international pop star.

Kelvingeis, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

In 1981, rick Springfield accepted a duty on General Hospital after record his album, "Working class Dog." The display got about 14 million viewers daily, which might be why Jesse"s Girl fight number one that year. It"s his only single to ever before hit the height spot.

23. You can visit a Rainbow Brite museum.

Your wish has come true. There"s a Rainbow Brite museum in phibìc Carolina consisted of of 1500 items of memorabilia from one woman"s Rainbow Brite collection.

24. Nintendo gained its console right into stores with an offer they couldn"t refuse.

In 1985, in an effort to convince stores in brand-new York City to carry the new Nintendo to chat System, a Nintendo exec promised the they can send earlier the ones they didn"t sell totally free of charge, but they ended up selling 50,000 the holiday season.

25. Leopard print aided Simon Le Bon acquire his lead singer gig.

Simon Le Bon verified up for his Duran Duran audition in pink leopard prints pants. Nick Rhodes said, "Anyone who looks that stupid is positively the one."

26. Eddie Murphy"s debut music album was developed by rick James and Stevie Wonder.

It cost over half a million dollars to make Eddie Murphy"s album "How might It Be," featuring the infamously bad solitary Party every the Time, i m sorry is currently in your head. You"re welcome.

27. Real-life scientists motivated Jem and The Holograms.

The last names the Jem (a.k.a. Jerrica Benton) and also the Holograms to be the names of real scientists who operated on hologram technology.

28. Don"t Worry, it is in Happy quiet makes civilization happy.

The 1988 tune Don"t Worry, it is in Happy still has countless fans, including Hillary Clinton, who got a teddy bear the sings the song from previous Secretary the State George Schultz. She memoir claims, "I preserved it in my office, very first as a joke, but every for this reason often, it really did aid to to express the bear and hear that song."

29. Lisa Frank has actually her very own proprietary ink.

It"s a mixture that makes colors brighter.

30. Members just jackets to be a big, big deal.

Another brand that did well because that itself in the 80s: Members Only. Thanks to their renowned jackets, the company brought in $100 million a year.

31. Hairspray assisted relaunch hairspray.

In 2002, Aqua net Hairspray had an unlikely comeback when the music Hairspray, based on John Waters" 1988 film, began on Broadway. Since nothing states fashion like a musical the takes location in 1960s Baltimore. (Which was sort of Waters"s point.)

32. Jon Bon Jovi hated Livin" on A Prayer (at first).

Speaking the hairspray: Jon Bon Jovi didn"t choose the tune "Livin" ~ above a Prayer" and practically scrapped it from the Slippery once Wet album prior to it gave them their first number one song.

33. Two renowned "80s layouts were invented decades before the 1980s.

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Thanks come Dynasty and also Working Girl, shoulder pads in women"s clothes became very popular during the 1980s, yet designer Elsa Schiaparelli actually designed the format in the 1930s. Also people have been perming your hair because 1872.