When we relate various keys to one another, there are several different relationships that we look for.

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We already talked around relative key relationships in Unit 2.1 however there are number of others the will assist us recognize how and also why one musical item can shift between number of keys.
Parallel key: a key that share the exact same tonic together the original, yet has a different an essential signature. Below is d boy on the left and D significant on the right.

Closely Related and also Distantly Related keys: remember ago to Unit 1.5 as soon as we learned about the circle of fifths? very closely or distantly related keys are defined by just how close or much a an essential is, located on the one of fifths.

There space 5 very closely related tricks for each crucial signature. Look down at the vital of A Major. Let's find all 5!
We have the right to see the its relative minor is f# minor. A an essential can be both a relative vital AND carefully related.
What room the loved one minor secrets of the major keys which simply found? The relative minor of D significant is b minor.


Take the loved one minor tricks of the surrounding keys, and also we include up the relative secrets again come a total of 5.
By structure keys turn off of every keep in mind in the range (except indigenous the 7th range degree), girlfriend can find your very closely related keys. Let's take an instance in the vital of C minor.

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As because that the distantly connected keys, if they don't loss into being carefully related, climate you've discovered them! They would be taken into consideration to it is in located more away ~ above the one of fifths.