Steve Harvey Height, Age, weight & body Measurements: Broderick Stephen Harvey – popularly recognized as Steve Harvey – is an American comedian, actor, host, producer, and also author.

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Born top top January 17, 1957 in Welch, West Virginia, he is the youngest among the five kids of Jesse Harvey and also Eloise Harvey. 

Steve began from the bottom before he got to the significant success he is enjoying appropriate now. His career began in the beforehand 1980s together a comedian. He first performed stand-up comedy at the Hilarities Comedy society of Cleveland, Ohio in 1985.

But prior to that…

… he had actually been a homeless man for a lengthy time.

On April 6, 1990, Steve to be a critical in the second Annual Johnny Walker nationwide Comedy Search, eventually leading to a long career together the host of “It’s Showtime in ~ the Apollo.” His success as a stand-up comedian led him come play a duty on Me and the Boys, among the ABC shows in 1994.

Subsequently, that starred ~ above The Steve Harvey Show, a WB network show aired indigenous 1996 to 2002.

The year that adhered to gave him more fortune. Harvey was given a series of duties in the films, including The Original emperors of Comedy, The Fighting Temptations, and also The Johnson family Vacation.

Besides that…

… Steve organized several amazing shows such as family Feud, Steve Harvey, and Little huge Shots – i beg your pardon garnered him much praise and popularity as a host.

The best part is once he reaped the fruit the his labor…


He received a many awards throughout his career, notably the Daytime Emmy Award and also NAACP picture Awards.

And another thing…

Stephen has actually been married thrice and also has 7 children. 

His an initial wife to be Marcia Harvey. They wedded in 1980 however later gained divorced in 1994. They were blessed v twin daughters (Brandi and also Karli) and also a son named Broderick Harvey, Jr.

He married mar Shackelford next, however their marriage ended in divorce in November the 2005. They had a son called Wynton.

Finally, he met Marjorie Bridges – the woman who changed his life. castle tied the node in 2007. However, Marjorie had three kids (Morgan, Jason, and also Lori) before their paths also crossed. Luckily, Steve embraced all of them.

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But prior to we go any further…

… let’s currently go to the main dish the this writeup.

At this an extremely moment, i’m going to disclose to you the lesser-known facts about this legendary comedian and host, exactly his human body measurements and also more!