Maria Sibylla Merian portrait (17th century)

Men were no the only people affiliated in the great discoveries that the clinical Revolution! plenty of women do contributions together well, yet due to the rigid sex lines the the time, lock were frequently not known for their achievements.Below is a perform of mrs contributors to the Scientific transformation with links to their biographies.

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Margaret Cavendish, 1672

Margaret Cavendish(1623-1673): Margaret Cavendish to be a British herbal philosopher who aided to make several of the major ideas that the Scientific transformation popular. Cavendish released two books on locations she feeling were doing not have in terms of discoveries and also also advocated for a larger female visibility in science also as far better education because that girls.Khan Academy summary of Margaret Cavendish"s contributionsPart 1andPart 2.Maria Winkelmann(1670-1720):

Maria Winkelmann was a German astronomer who worked with she husband, Gottfried Kirch arising astronomical calendars. Because female researchers were not respected in ~ the time, Winkelmann acted together his assistant also though she was in reality his co-worker. In 1702, Winkelmann ended up being the first woman to find a comet.Maria Sibylla Merian(1647-1717):

Maria Sibylla Merian was a German botanist and also zoologist who developed an illustrated book of specimens of europe insects, moths, and also butterflies. In 1672, Merian traveled to Suriname (Dutch southern Africa) with just a woman companion and collected specimens over there which she later published right into her noteworthyDissertation in Insect Generations and also Metamorphosis in Surinam.

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Gabrielle Emilie Du Chatelet

(1706-49) Gabrielle Emilie Du Chatelet to be a French Mathematician and also Physicist.

Despite most most likely being practically entirely me educated, she 1740 writing well-known as the "Foundations that Physics" got her far-reaching notoriety and she became an accepted member the the "Republic of Letters".She would later on be recognized for besting an acclaimed director in ~ the "Academy the Sciences" by finding a an ext proper formula because that Kinetic Energy. Probably her most well known contribution Physics to be her corrections on Galileo"s hypotheses.

Maria Cunitz

(1610-1664) Maria Cunitz to be a German astronomer who detailed much insight into the ar of Astronomy. She is best known for composing the book Urania Propitia,which gave a better and more advanced equipment to Kepler"s Problem, i beg your pardon would more easily determine the position of planets in your paths about the sun.

Sophia Brahe

(1556-1643) Sophia Brahe was a Danish horticulturalist who studied the fields of astronomy, chemistry and medicine. She is finest known for working v her brother, Tycho, in finding a supernova and lunar eclipse. Her work helped to enable for a far better determination that the planets" orbit roughly the sun.

Laura Bassi

(1711-1778) Laura Bassi was an Italian physicist who became the an initial female professor in ~ a European university in history. Bassi is likewise known for her contributions to Newtonian physics, and also the expansion of that ar of research.

Women in science in the 19th and also 20th Centuries

Rosalind Franklinwas anEnglish Chemist from 1920-1958 who made contribute to the knowledge of the molecular framework of DNA, RNA, and viruses. She is ideal known for her job-related on X-ray diffraction images of DNA which caused the discovery of the DNA double Helix

Clickherefor an ext information top top Rosalind FranklinThis is an interestinglinkas it defines how Rosalind Franklin walk not receive credit or a Noble tranquility Prize for her work on DNA.

Marie Curie

(1867-1934) Marie Curie was a Polish-born physicist and also chemist. She is best known for she outstanding work-related in radioactivity. She occurred the theory of Radioactivity, and also discovered the aspects radium and also polonium. She won a Nobel Prize because that Physics and also Chemistry, coming to be the very first woman to victory the award.

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Lise Meitner

(1878-1968) Lise Meitner to be an Austrian physicist who concentrated her research on radioactivity and nuclear physics. Together with Otto Hahn and also Otto Frisch, Meitner aided to find the procedure of nuclear fission. This detect would cause the breakthrough of the very first nuclear bomb, of i m sorry was used in WWII.

Chien-Shiung Wu,The first Lady that Physics in 1963


Chien-Shiung Wu

(1912-1997) Chien-Shiung Wu to be a Chinese-American physicist, that is most well-known for her work-related in atom physics. Wu was among the researchers who worked on the Manhattan job to build nuclear weapons during WWII. She experiment, recognized as the Wu Experiment, which verified that parity could not it is in conserved in weak interactions. This recognize greatly impacted the clinical community, as it to be previously believed that parity can be conserved.

Click here for a detailed account the Chien-Shiung Wu, which explains her process of leaving her home and family in China, in stimulate to more her researches in the unified States. Not just was Wu one of a very couple of female scientists throughout her time, but she was among an even smaller couple of scientists native China functioning in the joined States.

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Lise Meitner is ideal known for she contributions to the field of radioactivity and nuclear physics. In addition to Otto Hahn and Otto Frisch, her exploration of this process, brought about the advance of the very first nuclear bomb.