beautiful; attractiveShe looked an especially lovely that night.He has a lover voice.You"ve gained lovely eyes.We travelled through some lovely countryside.She"s obtained an absolutely lover face.

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Synonyms beautifulbeautifulprettyhandsomeattractivelovelygood-lookinggorgeousThese words all describe world who space pleasant to look at.beautiful (most frequently used of a woman or girl) very pleasant to look at:She looked stunningly beautiful the night.pretty (most frequently used the a girl or woman) pleasant to look at:She’s obtained a really pretty face. Nice is supplied most frequently to talk around girls. As soon as it is used to talk about a woman, it usually says that she is prefer a girl, through small, vulnerable features.handsome (of a man) pleasant to look at; (of a woman) pleasant to watch at, with big strong attributes rather than small delicate ones:He was described as ‘tall, dark and also handsome’.attractive (of a person) satisfied to look at, specifically in a sexual way:She’s a an extremely attractive woman.lovely (of a person) beautiful; really attractive:She looked an especially lovely that night. As soon as you explain somebody as lovely, you are usually mirroring that you also like them an extremely much.good-looking (of a person) satisfied to watch at, frequently in a sexual way:She arrived v a an extremely good-looking man.gorgeous (informal) (of a person) extremely attractive, specifically in a sexual way:You watch gorgeous! attractive or good-looking?If you define somebody together attractive friend often likewise mean that they have a satisfied personality and being satisfied to look at; good-looking only explains somebody’s physics appearance.Patternsa(n) beautiful/​pretty/​handsome/​attractive/​lovely/​good-looking/​gorgeous girl/​womana(n) beautiful/​handsome/​attractive/​good-looking/​gorgeous boy/​mana(n) beautiful/​pretty/​handsome/​attractive/​lovely/​good-looking face
(informal) really pleasant; wonderful‘Can I get you anything?’ ‘A cup the tea would certainly be lovely.’What a beloved surprise!How lover to view you!Isn"t that a lover day?We"ve had actually a lover time.It"s a lover old farm.It"s to be lovely having actually you here. (ironic) You"ve obtained yourself right into a beloved mess, haven"t you?to smell/taste/sound lovely
Synonyms wonderfulwonderfullovelydelightfulThese words all describe an experience, emotion or vision that offers you an excellent pleasure.wonderful that you enjoy very much; that gives you great pleasure; incredibly good:We had a wonderful time critical night.The weather to be absolutely wonderful.lovely (especially brother English, quite informal) that you enjoy an extremely much; that offers you good pleasure; very attractive:What a lovely day! (= the weather is very good)It’s to be lovely having actually you here.delightful that gives you good pleasure; very attractive:a delightful tiny fishing town wonderful, lover or delightful?All these words can define times, events, places, sights, feelings and also the weather. Exorbitant can also describe a opportunity or ability. Beloved is the most constant in spoken British English, however in phibìc American English, both spoken and written, wonderful is the most frequent. Delightful is used specifically to talk about times, events and also places.Patternswonderful/​lovely/​delightful weather/​views/​sceneryIt’s wonderful/​lovely come be/​feel/​find/​have/​know/​see…It would be wonderful/​lovely/​delightful if…It’s wonderful/​lovely that…That sound wonderful/​lovely/​delightful.really/​quite/​absolutely wonderful/​lovely/​delightful
Extra ExamplesThe cool water feel lovely after being in the hot sun.Your idea that a work on the coast sounds lovely.a hauntingly lovely melodyIt to be a lover evening—calm and also still.The weather right here is lovely.

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(informal) (of a person) very kind, generous and also friendlyHer mother was a beloved woman.He is a lovely little boy.She is a lovely old lady and constantly full that laughter.Topics personal qualitiesa2